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 UPDATED March 27: The Arlington Housing Authority meeting March 20 held via Zoom mainly focused on the Massachusetts Housing Partnership (MHP) and the upcoming air-source heat-pump project.

The acceptance of Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development rates was announced. Monday, April 1, hourly rates are the following: electrician $49.11 (previously $47.38); groundskeeper/custodian $31.26 ($30.38); laborer $34.61 (33.85); maintenance aide $28.84 ($28.07); maintenance mechanic $36.16 ($35.50); working foreman $38.34 ($37.74). 

According to the meeting agenda, in May, the AHA is to receive expanded technical assistance from the MHP. With the goal of increasing affordable housing in Massachusetts, MHP offers grants for third-party consultants as well as MHP staff time.

“We look forward to working with the Mass Housing Partnership to understand options that will help us preserve our public housing units as well as identify ways in which the Arlington Housing Authority can increase the number of deeply affordable housing units in Arlington,” said Jack Nagle, executive director of AHA.

Members of the board approved the installation of air-source heat pumps at the Hauser Building. "The Arlington Housing Authority is excited to begin another air source heat pump project at the Hauser Building through the LEAN [the Low-Income Energy Affordability Network] program," Nagle said. It will not only contribute toward local, state and federal goals surrounding carbon neutrality and energy efficiency, [but] it will also improve the quality of life for residents by adding cooling to their units and the common spaces during the summer months.”

LEAN is a network across Massachusetts that provides energy-efficiency services. The network offers programs that include fuel assistance and utility discount rates.

Nagle and commissioners Jo Anne Preston and Fiorella Badilla all have been asked for comments/quotes on issues concerning the AHA meeting and AHA itself, which provides family housing, elderly/disabled housing, subsidized housing, and special-needs housing for persons of low or very low income.

The meeting lasted roughly 35 minutes. No one from the public spoke.

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This news summary by YourArlington freelance writer Crystal Lin, a sophomore at Boston University, was published Monday, March 25, 2024, and was updated March 27 to note that no one from the public spoke at the meeting and to state current staff pay rates (scheduled to rise on Monday, April 1).

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