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'We all have multiple identities'

This letter by Betsy Leondar-Wright of Arlington was first published in The Boston Globe on Wednesday, July 24, 2024, under the main headline “Campuses are girding to walk the debate-DEI-free-speech tightrope.” Scroll down to this headline: “Anti-woke stance denies the very notion of intersectionality.”letters

The letter is republished with the permission of the author, formerly an associate professor of sociology at Lasell University and a coauthor of the forthcoming Is It Racist? Is It Sexist?: Why Red and Blue White People Disagree, and How to Decide in the Gray Areas.

Re Carine Hajjar’s July 18 op-ed, “Universities need to leave DEI behind”: Where did this myth start that diversity, equity and inclusion programs uniformly treat Jews as “oppressors”?

In the widely used how-to book for DEI educators “Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice” (now in its fourth edition; I worked on the first two), there has always been a section that covers antisemitism, in addition to chapters on racism, sexism and other isms. At the university where I taught, the DEI office sponsored a wide variety of multicultural events, including on Jewish culture and antisemitism.

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