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27 letters supporting Leone for moderator

David Leone of Bartlett Avenue submitted this letter.


I am writing to ask you to consider my brother, John Leone, for town moderator, this Saturday, April 2.   

I’d like to focus on two things: how Town Meeting has evolved over John’s 14-year tenure, and the accuracy of some recent insinuations regarding Town Meeting member drop-off rates. 

#1 Town Meetings have gone from an average of 10 nights per year down to 5 over the last 14 years.

This is neither trivial nor accidental. John has been pivotal in accomplishing this through a variety of incremental reforms and improvements over his tenure:

  • Moving Town Meeting written information on-line and making it easier for Town Meeting Members and residents to access. Warrant-article language as well as reports of boards and committees and all supporting documentation. Members arrive at meeting more informed than ever before, fostering better discussion and votes.
  • Electronic voting. This has greatly advanced the speed, accuracy and transparency of the vote tallies, which are posted online.
  • Procedural reforms on speaking for, or against, an article. The goal being to present all sides of an argument while cutting down on redundancy.
  • A time clock to limit speaking times.
  • Introduction of the time-saving single-vote consent agenda for numerous housekeeping items.

Anyone who remembers Town Meetings from 10 to 20 years ago can attest to the “energy drain” in the later meetings. As the meetings wore on, attendance and focus waned. It was not unusual to see a half-full Town Hall by the time meeting nights 8-9-10 rolled around. This was not optimal for good, representational government. Complaints were common about meeting lengths and excessive speaking times. It was this problem, cause by multiple factors, that John and others set about changing. 

Last year’s extraordinary Zoom Town Meeting, and the truncated Peirce Field Town Meeting in 2020 were certainly outliers. (The fact they existed at all is a credit to the efforts of John and others). Those two years aside, what newer members may not appreciate is how far Arlington’s Town Meetings has come over the past 14 years. Today, thanks to efforts led by John, members come informed and prepared to a degree that was impossible in decades past. This has allowed for shorter, better and more focused meetings -- a primary responsibility of the Moderators role. 

#2 A recent claim that “Town Meeting is suddenly experiencing a high rate of attrition.”


Based on historical data and comparison to other towns, this is a debunkable claim. For more detail you can go to this link: Attempts to link this to the moderator are questionable, especially considering the facts listed above.  

I hope that, above all, you get out to vote this Saturday.  

This letter was published Thursday, March 31, 2022.

Christopher Wilbur, a Precinct 3 Town Meeting member on Windsor Street, submitted this letter.

John Leone knows the Town Meeting and the Town of Arlington inside out and has generally done a great job as moderator. With all his experience and skill, to which many have already attested, I don't know why we wouldn't just reelect him.

I don't understand the talk about "transparency." Is the implication that John has shown some kind of partiality in choosing or recognizing Town Meeting speakers or naming committee members? Having seen him in action these three years, I find that idea frankly preposterous. If anyone has data to suggest partiality on John's part, let's see it. We're lucky to have a moderator as committed as John. I support him whole-heartedly and don't for a moment doubt his professionalism and integrity.

I went to Greg Christiana's FAQ to see how he frames the problem he's trying to solve and found nothing like a researched problem report, or even a statement. It appears that "need for more transparency" is such an unopposable buzz phrase that no formal analysis, evidence or argument is needed to assert it.

Also missing from the FAQ was any listing of life or work experience that Christiana has had that would prepare him to organize and run complex Town Meetings. When John asked him this very question at the debate, Christiana's response was limited to, "Years ago I served as an officer for an organization that followed Robert's Rules of Order." Is this all the preparation we expect or require in a candidate to take over the hurly-burly of town moderatorship?

Don't get me wrong. I think more transparency, however we define and look at it, is most probably a good thing. Let's work with John to level and improve our playing field. But let's not shoot ourselves in the foot by precipitously tossing out John, his commitment and his experience.

I urge you to vote on April 2 and reelect John Leone as town moderator.


This letter was published Thursday, March 31, 2022.

Joyce Radochia of Columbia Road, a former Precinct 11 Town Meeting member, submitted this letter.

I have read the claim of the "high rate of attrition of Town Meeting members "made by Mr. Leone's opponent. There are many reasons that someone chooses not to run for reelection, most having nothing to do with the moderator's running of Town Meeting. In my own case, I have served for 20 (maybe 21) years and have always loved Town Meeting.

I decided that I couldn't spare the time needed for Town Meeting preparation this year, and maybe the next year as well, as I decided to concentrate on finishing a big project I have been working on for years, writing a memoir, family stories and history to self-publish as my legacy for my descendants. I'm at the final revision/editing/compilation and organization stage . . . very labor-intensive.

I will greatly miss the whole Town Meeting process, and I'm sure when I watch it on television that I will feel wistful and wish I were there. It isn't the time involved in the actual 8-to-11 p.m. meetings that I want to reclaim. It is the fact that I have always wanted to prepare myself for Town Meeting by reading everything I can about the individual warrant articles, watching Select Board hearings, Redevelopment Board hearings, etc. That takes a lot of time and focus, and if I can't do it justice then it is time to step down. I did recruit my neighbor, Matt Miller, to run for Town Meeting for Precinct 11.

Please support and vote this Saturday for John D. Leone.

This letter was published Thursday, March 31, 2022.

David Bean, a former Town Meeting member, on Jason Street, submitted this letter.

Moderator is one job that ought to be free of political considerations. A good moderator moves the meeting along, allows the political discussion to take place freely, runs the meeting by the rules, treats the members respectfully and fairly, and gets the meeting done.

In my time as a Town Meeting member, that's exactly what John Leone did. I have no idea how well Mr. Leone's opponent might run the meeting, but I see no reason to find out. I'll be voting for John Leone on Saturday and I urge everyone else to do the same.

This letter was published Wednesday, March 30, 2022.

Carl Wagner, a former Town Meeting member, at Edge Hill Road, submitted this letter.

I moved to Arlington in the late 1990s and was impressed to see John Leone, who in 2007 was the "new moderator." He was then, and has remained, fair and impartial to the Town Meeting. He has overseen many enhancements to the meeting, including electronic voting, speedier speaking times and grouping of noncontested articles into quickly passed measures. Town Meeting has become less of a burden to the volunteer members that give up their time to attend it.

He has been fighting technical limitations and overcoming them, and I believe is bringing much better transparent voting to the process, similar to how he began the public listing of how each Town Meeting member voted in the past. Most important, he stands for the importance and honor of your elected legislature -- the volunteer Town Meeting.

This year, rightly, there is competition for the post of moderator. I think you should vote for Leone, not only for his experience, but also because I've never seen him be anything less than fair, businesslike and focused on good government in his dealings with Town Meeting members, women and men of all backgrounds.

There are several reasons that you should not vote for the competitor, though. Greg Christiana is not nearly as qualified, and has admitted this (see His claims of "more fairness" and "more transparency" don't make sense to me.

I hope you will join me in voting to keep John Leone in his office where he will do a better job than Christiana to be fair to members, to moderate speedy and good government in Arlington and to defend and support Town Meeting's important role as your citizen-led government.

This letter was published Wednesday, March 30, 2022.

Susan Stamps of Grafton Street, Precinct 3 Town Meeting chair submitted this letter.

As an elected Arlington Town Meeting Member for the past 10 years and a 25 year veteran of Town Meeting in my previous town, I enthusiastically endorse the re-election of our current Town Moderator, John D. Leone.  I think he does a great job, especially in these challenging times, and I ask to you join me in supporting him. 

I invite you to meet John at our Coffee with the Moderator on Tuesday, March 29, at 7:30 at the following link >>

Also, check out his website and view the two moderator debates >>

Leading the the 252 elected members of our Town Meeting, which is our legislature, through many nights of the critical business of the town -- passing or amending bylaws (our local laws), spending property taxes collected from our residents, deciding on uses for state and federal funds, and so much more, with presentations, motions, points of order and lots of town meeting speakers -- is a complicated job. 

Our moderator, John Leone, handles the job with patience, fairness, respect and a sense of humor, while trying to include all points of view in the debates. To do the job well, John draws on a deep well of knowledge that comes from his many years of  experience being moderator, familiarity with the state and local laws, regulations and procedural rules that apply to Town Meeting, and his work as an attorney helping people with their business, zoning, real estate and probate matters.  

John Leone has an open-door policy at his law office in the town center, welcoming everyone who has a question or an issue with Town Meeting.  I think some ideas brought up during this campaign are good ones and I know John will respectfully appreciate and consider any proposals to make Town Meeting operate even better than it already does.  

This letter was published Monday, March 28, 2022.

Patricia Barron Worden of Jason Street, a Precinct 8 Town Meeting member, submitted this letter. Another version of it appeared earlier in The Advocate.

Having been a Town Meeting member with perfect attendance during John Leone’s 14 years as Town Meeting moderator, I am impressed and grateful for his impartiality, accessibility, fairness, procedural expertise and friendly demeanor in this challenging position. He is careful not to let his own sentiments be known on any issue that is before Town Meeting.

I have experienced Greg Christiana as moderator of an Envision Arlington's housing discussion session, and, in my opinion, he cast a pall over the entire discussion with his support for new residential units. I remember wondering why he had been chosen to moderate that discussion when, in my view, he was unsuited. I was shocked sometime later when he announced his intention to run for town moderator. Impartiality is essential for a good meeting.

John Leone has moderated every Town Meeting expertly since he was elected, except for his first, when his only son died in a tragic accident in the spring, just as Town Meeting was about to start. On that occasion, John arranged for another experienced moderator (my husband who had just stepped down) to take his place until he could recover from that shattering loss.

The moderator’s knowledge of the town, its departments, of Town Meeting procedures/rules/legal parameters for records are important. Town Meeting is the town’s legislature, and where the all-important town zoning is determined and financial expenditures are authorized or denied by votes of Town Meeting members. It takes time and experience to perform well to benefit the town.

The moderators I have known have also been incredibly helpful to many who may seek help at any time in preparing warrant articles for Town Meeting or in drafting amendments. Arlington developed a mechanism to prepare a person who wishes to become moderator for that position. It is to run for assistant moderator so that he or she can work with the moderator and learn the rules and procedures and if necessary substitute for the moderator. An election is held annually for this position at Town Meeting. John Leone served as assistant town moderator for a number of years prior to running for election to moderator. Greg Christiana has not done so.

Most important, candidates for moderator should have served with distinction in Town Meeting for numerous years as John and all former moderators have done.

Please vote for John Leone for moderator.

This letter was published Monday, March 28, 2022.

Laurence McKinney, a former Town Meeting member who lives on Foster Street, submitted this letter.

Thousands of people passing through Arlington Center each day see the relandscaped and updated mini-park known as Uncle Sam Plaza, featuring the statue of Samuel ("Uncle Sam") Wilson. At night the statue is well lit, visible to anyone glancing in its direction. Few realize that, without the decision of John D. Leone, shortly after becoming the moderator of Town Meeting, to appoint me chairman of the Uncle Sam Committee they might see darkness and a relatively unkempt space called simply “Memorial Park.”

Sam Wilson, born in Arlington, was running a successful meat-packing business in Troy, N.Y., when his work inspecting meat led to creation of his nickname, “Uncle Sam.” 

When I joined Town Meeting, the Uncle Sam Committee hadn’t been operating for several years, and I was unable to be appointed until John was elected moderator. Then, after a series of requests, DPW Director Mike Rademacher and his employees improved the lighting and water supply.

After a couple of years of drawing attention to the space, I renamed it “Uncle Sam Plaza” and had the new sign designed, manufactured and put in place. Our DPW continued to improve the grounds, removing some trees and planting others. A couple of years later, the town manager’s office took the badly needed step of completely refurbishing the statue.

Uncle Sam Plaza is now a little gem in the center of our town. Although the town itself did most of the work, the entire project started when John Leone gave me the chance to see what I could do.

When you vote for moderator, it’s just one more reason to reelect John D. Leone. You see what he’s already done to improve Town Meeting, and he’s got more to do. Please join me in voting for John on Saturday April 2.

This letter was published Monday, March 28, 2022.

Kristin Anderson, a Precinct 11 Town Meeting member, at Upland Road West, submitted this letter.

I'd like to share an experience that I had with John Leone at Town Meeting last year. I approached moderator Leone privately before Town Meeting, in advance of a warrant article amendment that I was presenting. I explained to him how nervous I was about this, because it was my first time speaking before the meeting.

Moderator Leone gave me excellent advice about how to best present my ideas. And he calmed my nerves and made me feel like I was welcome and that my voice was just as important as any seasoned member of Town Meeting.

There have been significant challenges before the moderator in the last couple years, due to the pandemic. He has handled them very well, considering the circumstances and all of the resulting confusion associated with the need to embrace new virtual meeting technology.

Please give John Leone your vote for moderator.

This letter was published Tuesday, March 22, 2022.

John Maher of Mass. Ave. a Town Meeting member and former town counsel, submitted this letter.

I have known John for many years and applaud his professionalism, exceptional courtesy and expertise at running town meeting. I heartily endorse his candidacy for reelection as Arlington's town moderator.

This letter was published Saturday, March 19, 2022.

Sheri A. Baron, a Precinct 7 Town Meeting member, submitted this letter.

I ask that you join me in voting for John Leone for town moderator. John has a proven track record of understanding the laws governing Town Meeting. During the past two years, he has exhibited ability and agility in taking on the challenge of the new Town Meeting format.

The position of town moderator has a unique responsibility -- to both guide with patience and at the same time, steer the meeting forward in a timely manner. This is not an easy task, and John has done this well since 2007.

I believe that the moderator performs his (her) job better with time, gaining institutional knowledge and experience as to what practices work most effectively. John’s record speaks for itself.

Please give John Leone your vote on Saturday, April 2.

This letter was published Saturday, March 19, 2022.

Rick Gallagher of Fessenden Street, a Town Meeting member, submitted this letter.

I have served with John Leone as a Town Meeting member in Arlington and I have been quite impressed with his knowledge and ability to run a fair and efficient meeting. John is always prepared and ensures that all of the members are well informed and included at all times.

John has introduced many innovations to increase transparency and make Town Meeting more efficient and inclusive. John Leone has served the Town of Arlington in a professional manner, looking out for the best interests of the town and his constituents. In my opinion, John has clearly earned reelection, I hope you will join me in assisting him with your support and vote.

This letter was published Saturday, March 19, 2022.

Joseph Tully of Gray Street, a former Town Meeting member, submitted this letter.

I served in Arlington Town Meeting for 27 years. During that time, I found John to be a fair and wise moderator. John understands that Town Meeting is not a forum to simply air grievances or engage in academic debate, but rather a place to accomplish the work of the town.

John has strong relationships with the other town leaders, that enable him to run the meetings in a productive and efficient manner and ensure that integral matters, such as the town budgets, receive fair and full debate but not at the expense of missing deadlines imposed by state laws.

As moderator, John is also responsible for many appointments to town committees. I trust his judgment and wisdom when it comes to making such decisions. Town moderator is a role that requires a steady and experienced hand at the helm. It's not a place for "on the job" training. For years, John has been an impeccable example of a dedicated public servant and a guiding hand calmly steering a body of 252 diverse individuals in pursuit of a better Arlington. John's leadership of multiple Town Meetings during the pandemic have also demonstrated his ability to be nimble, creative and forward-thinking.

I can think of no better moderator than John Leone.

This letter was published Saturday, March 19, 2022.

Mark Streitfeld of Peck Avenue, a former Town Meeting member, submitted this letter.

I first met John while he and I were Town Meeting members, long before John became moderator. Although I left Town Meeting only a couple of years after John became town moderator, John ran the meeting fairly and effectively.

By that time, he had only started changing the procedures by which Town Meeting is conducted. Based upon conversations with friends who are current Town Meeting members, John continues to do a good job running Town Meeting, and his changes have had a positive effect on the functioning of Town Meeting, and the experience of Town Meeting members. This is why I support John for town moderator.

This letter was published Saturday, March 19, 2022.

Rieko Tanaka of Mystic Street, a Precinct 9 Town Meeting member, submitted this letter.

I am a pianist. I was born and I grew up in Japan. I came to the United States 33 years ago to study in the graduate program at the New England Conservatory.

When I moved to Arlington, I became involved in our sister-city program with Nagaokakyo, Japan. Our visitors loved seeing Town Meeting in action, and John Leone always made our visitors feel welcome. He invited the head of their visiting delegation to speak to the meeting. I thought he reflected the welcoming spirit of this wonderful town.

I became a U.S. citizen in 2017, and I was elected to Town Meeting in 2019. I was honored when John Leone asked me to be in the rotation of Town Meeting pianists who play the National Anthem at the start of the meeting. I enjoyed the social aspect of Town Meeting, but I had only one year to experience it in Town Hall before the pandemic.

Teaching piano on Zoom was difficult enough, so I can only imagine how difficult it was to make Town Meeting work on Zoom. Virtual Town Meeting wasn’t fun. I don’t know anyone who liked it. However, John Leone led us through the meeting and we were able to make the decisions we needed to make to run the town.

I was heartened when John Leone wanted to maintain as much of the tradition of Town Meeting as he could. While I couldn’t play the National Anthem in Town Hall, I joined the other Town Meeting pianists to record the anthem. John played one of these recordings at the start of each meeting, and it made me feel more connected to the in-person meeting we all missed.

When I taught a performance workshop at UMass./Dartmouth, I stood before an auditorium full of students, and I was responsible for their learning and the quality of their experience. Meeting the needs of an auditorium full of people is never easy. I admire the skill John Leone brings to Town Meeting. Besides his skillful management, his graciousness and sense of polite humor as a moderator keeps the town meeting discussion civilized and humane. I hope we don’t replace him.

Please vote to reelect John Leone on Saturday, April 2.

This letter was published Thursday, March 17, 2022.

Paul Schlichtman a Precinct 9 Town Meeting member at Mystic Street, submitted this letter.

As a veteran Town Meeting member, I am asking my friends and neighbors to join me in supporting John Leone’s reelection as Arlington’s moderator.

A good moderator is dedicated to the task of leading Town Meeting to the decision it wants to make, and John is a fair and effective facilitator of the meeting.

The moderator’s role is not a policy position. Rules and decisions are prescribed by state law, the town bylaws and the Town Meeting equivalent of Robert’s Rules of Order, a book called [ital] Town Meeting Time. Many of the procedural aspects of the meeting are decided by votes of Town Meeting. For example, the date and time of the first night of Town Meeting is prescribed by the warrant, but Town Meeting votes every night to decide the date and time of the next meeting. The length of time allotted to speakers is defined in the town’s bylaws, and is changed when the Town Meeting votes to amend the existing bylaw. The moderator merely operates within the framework of these rules.

The moderator needs to maintain impartiality and independence. Moderators should never engage in recruiting Town Meeting members, or advocating for or against the election of any of our 252 citizen legislators. The moderator’s job is to welcome all members into the meeting, and skillfully manage the speaking time to give the members the opportunity to weigh the arguments for or against any article.

Town Meeting is not a debating society, and it is not in the best interests of the meeting to allow everyone to speak on a given article. It can be frustrating for a potential speaker when the meeting votes to terminate debate, but it serves no purpose to extend debate when minds are made up on an article that results in an overwhelming vote of the meeting.

As moderator, John Leone has worked to improve Town Meeting through a series of initiatives. He installed a scoreboard-size clock in the auditorium to fairly and equitably manage the time limits for speakers. He worked with advisory committees to bring accountability and transparency to the meeting through the use of electronic voting devises, as these “clickers” enable voters to see how their Town Meeting members voted on every significant vote.

John Leone is also to be admired for his work during the pandemic. It was no easy feat to conduct a Town Meeting on the Arlington High football field, or to move the meeting to Zoom. While it wasn’t fun, while the limits of the technology bogged down the meeting, John made it work and Arlington successfully conducted its business over the past two years.

John is a past president of the Massachusetts Moderators Association, and has been active in sharing knowledge with his fellow moderators. Running a successful Town Meeting requires tremendous skill, and John Leone has proven he can manage the competing interests of the 252 Town Meeting members and dozens of town officials who participate in our legislative process.

John Leone has earned another three-year term as moderator. Please join me in voting for him on Saturday, April 2.

This letter was published Monday, March 14, 2022.

John L. Worden III of Jason Street, a Precinct 8 Town Meeting member and former town moderator, submitted this letter.

Town elections are coming up Saturday, April 2. One major office is contested, that of moderator. That official presides at all sessions of the Town Meeting and has a role in appointing various committees.

For the first time in the memory of living people -- perhaps the first time ever -- a candidate has materialized to challenge the incumbent moderator.

John D. Leone, our current moderator, was first elected in 2007. He succeeded me in that office, since I decided to step down after 18 years of service in that position and returned to my seat on the floor, as a Town Meeting member, a position to which I was first elected as in 1970. By the way, I’m also running for reelection, and would appreciate one of your vote.

Going back to Judge Magnuson, who served until 1956, all the moderators, except for Harry McCabe’s 12-year regime, have been lawyers. Having knowledge and experience in the law is a very important aspect of the job as the Legislature makes things more and more complicated. Leone is an attorney with many years’ experience and during his terms in office has become quite expert in the ins and outs of municipal law.

In addition to his service as our moderator, John Leone has been active in the Massachusetts Moderators Association and was chosen to be president of that organization by his fellow moderators from all over the Commonwealth a few years ago.

Many difficult issues are going to be before Town Meeting this year, including a proposal possibly affecting single-family zoning districts. This makes it essential that the presiding officer has the ability, however difficult, to be absolutely impartial and to be sure that all sides of the issues are represented and given a chance to present their viewpoints.

Leone has demonstrated his knowledge, experience, and integrity and should be reelected to another term. Tradition and institutional memory are important qualifications for the presiding officer of Town Meeting. No evidence has been presented that it is time for a change, so please join me in voting for John Leone for another term.

This letter was published Saturday, March 12, 2022.

Robert Tosi Jr. of Inverness Road, a Precinct 20 Town Meeting member, submitted this letter.

I was so surprised to see someone is challenging John for the moderator position. He is fair to all and not afraid to remind the Select Board members or town officials how Town Meeting is run. It is not an easy role. He handled the many challenges of last year's unprecedented virtual Town Meeting very professionally.

My support for John goes back to when he first ran for assistant moderator and then as moderator; it has been unwavering.

Please join me in supporting and voting for John for reelection, he is the best candidate for the Town.

This letter was published Saturday, March 12, 2022.

Robert Jefferson of Park Circle, a Town Meeting member and former fire chief, submitted this letter.

I have been a Town Meeting member since 1990, serving more than 30 years. I have known John since he first became a Town Meeting member back in the early 1990s and have always considered him an educated, honest and fair person in both his role as a Town Meeting member and his position as town moderator.

The past two Town Meetings were held on Zoom and were very challenging for the moderator and for the Town Meeting members. I feel that John handled those meetings professionally and with respect to all.

I strongly endorse John's candidacy for moderator and ask for you to join me in voting for him on April 2. Thank you.

This letter was published Saturday, March 12, 2022.

John Kneeland of Winslow Street submitted this letter.

Having been a member of and the executive secretary of the Finance Committee for 11 years and a Town Meeting member for more than 20 years, I had the privilege of serving under four different moderators -- Larry Corcoran, Harry McCabe, John Worden and John D. Leone. I can truthfully say that John Leone is the fairest of all these moderators.

John runs a firm but fair meeting; he allows all voices and arguments to be heard. I can also say that he is totally impartial, and I have never been able to discern his own political leanings.

I would strongly recommend that John be reelected as our town moderator. Please join me in voting for him on April 2.

This letter was published Saturday, March 12, 2022.

Sue Leone Lindner of Winter Street submitted this letter.

I am writing to ask for your vote and support for my brother, John Leone, in his campaign for reelection to town moderator. John has been serving as moderator since 2007, and before that, he served as assistant moderator. In addition, he has been a Town Meeting member since 1994.

Under Massachusetts law, the role of the moderator is to preside and regulate the Town Meeting procedures, decide all questions of order, make public declaration of all votes. In Arlington, the moderator makes appointments to certain town committees. Town Meetings operate in accordance with rules of procedure established by Mass. General laws, local bylaws and local customs and traditions. John has a vast and deep knowledge and understanding of these by-laws, rules and processes, and has been performing his duties with skill and dedication for more than 14 years.

As someone who works with John on a daily basis in our law practice, I know firsthand how hard he works every year to organize and ensure a smooth running Town Meeting. Throughout the period leading up to and during the yearly Meeting, John gives precedence to his moderator duties over all else. He is available at all times and prioritizes every phone call, visit and inquiry from Town Meeting members, and town residents, regarding the processes and procedures of every aspect of the Meeting. He assists residents with questions on how to properly draft warrant articles, he clarifies and explains the articles to those that ask, he gives technological assistance to meeting members who require it, and he always makes time for anyone that asks.

In addition, John is frequently called on by moderators of other towns in Massachusetts as he has gained a reputation of being a source of knowledge of the minute workings of Town Meetings and the rules under which they run. Running the meeting during the pandemic presented a unique challenge, but John worked tirelessly and quickly to arrange a virtual meeting, and set up training sessions for the over 250 Town Meeting members. It became a full-time job, and a lengthy Town Meeting, but it was ultimately successful.

Please visit his campaign website ( to learn more about John, the measures he has put in place to improve and streamline Town Meeting over the years and to see how you can help. If you are willing to be listed as a supporter and/or make an endorsement, host a yard sign, write a letter to the editor, make a donation or volunteer in other ways, please contact the campaign website.

There is simply no one with more experience and knowledge for the Moderator position than John, and I hope you will join me in voting for him on April 2.

This letter was published Saturday, March 12, 2022.

Mario Berlinghieri of Morton Road submitted this letter.

John Leone has been the moderator for many years and is the most qualified and experienced candidate. He has done an excellent job running Town Meeting. Join me in my support and vote for John's reelection.

This letter was published Saturday, March 12, 2022.

Stephen J. Gilligan of West Roxbury, a former Arlington treasurer and member of the then-Board of Selectmen, provided this letter:

INTEGRITY – TRUST – FAIRNESS: John Leone epitomizes these three words as Arlington’s town moderator.

I ask you to reelect John as moderator. He is a lifelong Arlingtonion. Not only living and running his law practice in Arlington, he has also been serving our community as town moderator since 2007.

He is fair, calm, polite and even-keeled in moderating Arlington’s representative Town Meeting. He treats everyone with courtesy, respect and shows no favoritism.

As a former Town Meeting member of 41 years, selectman and town treasurer, working with John, I can tell you he is an extraordinary town Moderator. His fairness and equitable manner to all members of Town Meeting is exemplary.

I ask you to vote for John Leone as town moderator.

This letter was published Tuesday, March 8, 2022.

John Gillis of Pleasant Street, Arlington, submitted this letter.

I have lived in Arlington for nearly 30 years and have known John and his family for nearly 25 years. He is my personal attorney and a trusted friend.

John treats everyone fairly and with respect and kindness. He is a good listener, an effective

John's experience as an attorney in private practice for more than 30 years, and decades of experience communicator and a skilled researcher. in Arlington town government-related matters, a Town Meeting member and 15 years as the current town moderator are assets that set him apart from any other candidate.

Finally, John has also served in various capacities for Arlington Community Media (ACMi), a local nonprofit television community-access station. ACMi provides a forum for the free exchange of ideas, welcomes people from all walks of life and with different viewpoints to share their thoughts and reports on Arlington-related matters. I cannot imagine a better candidate for town moderator than John Leone.

This letter was published Saturday, March 5, 2022.

Kenneth Hughes of Webster Street, Arlington, submitted this letter.

I had the pleasure of serving with John Leone on the Town of Arlington Government Reorganization Committee. I also served as an Arlington Town Meeting member with John for many years. I always found him to be well-prepared and knowledgeable about whatever the subject matter we would be dealing with.

Please join me in supporting John Leone for Arlington town moderator.

This letter was published Saturday, March 5, 2022.

Winston Langley of Hutchinson Road, Arlington, submitted this letter.

Wonderful to know John is running for reelection.  We need people of integrity in public office.

This letter was published Saturday, March 5, 2022.

Chris Doyle of Richfield Road, Arlington, submitted this letter.

John has conducted Town meetings fairly and expeditiously especially during these difficult years. Please join me in reelecting John as Town Meeting moderator; he is the best candidate for the position.

This letter was published Saturday, March 5, 2022.


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