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7 letters backing Lohnes for Board of Assessors

Robert Tosi Jr. of Inverness Road, Arlington, submitted this letter.

Phillip Lohnes

Phil Lohnes is the name of the candidate who deserves our vote for Board of Assessor. For this position, we need to elect someone who has both the qualifications and integrity to serve the taxpayers fairly and equitably. I firmly believe Phil is the right person for this important role. Phil is a CPA and understands the role of the Board of Assessors.

The last time Arlington’s triennial evaluation was done, many taxpayers in Kelwyn Manor felt that the assessments were excessively higher in their neighborhood. I would expect Phil to more satisfactorily review and publicly explain assessments and what relief or options are available. While Phil and I are not residents of this area of town, every home needs to be fairly assessed.

Phil is very at ease with data management and will be truly fiduciary responsible and transparent with the community. I have known Phil through various local organizations and trust he will be a strong voice on Board of Assessors for all of us.

On Saturday, April 10, I strongly encourage you to vote for a new member of Board of Assessors, Phil Lohnes.

This letter to the editor was published Monday, March 29, 2021.

Dorothy Nash-Webber of Bartlett Avenue, Arlington, submitted this letter.

Over the past year, Arlington Board of Assessors (ABA) monthly meetings lasted for only 30 minutes, sometimes an hour. Almost all of the time is in executive session, where the discussions are not disclosed. The meeting agendas consistently have the exact same four vague items. When residents’ abatements applications are denied, reasons are not provided.

I strongly believe that the deliberations and reasons for decisions of ABA should be available to residents.

I am voting for Phil Lohnes because he values transparency and believes ABA members should interact with residents aka neighbors. He is a CPA, and numbers speak to him and give him information. If elected, he will champion having that information shared with the people who will be taxed based on the numbers.

Phil actively cares about his neighbors. Past Christmases, after parents and children went door-to-door caroling, they along with all the neighbors were invited to Phil’s home for refreshments and to continue the music. A jolly, good time for all.

Please vote for Phil to get your tax questions answered.

This letter to the editor was published Monday, March 29, 2021.

Stephen Ronayne of Grove St. Place, Arlington, submitted this letter.

Some people who have run for, and regrettably held, very high office have been of questionable integrity. In our local elections, at least, we have the opportunity to elect people we know and trust. This is why I recommend Phillip Lohnes for the Board of Assessors.

Serving individuals and small businesses as a CPA, Phillip has guided and defended people both in small business and in tax matters. Phil hopes to further his commitment to the people of Arlington. Working with Laverty Associates in his first postcollege job, Lohnes succeeded in developing a system to aid this private appraiser in presenting the home owners side of the assessment story. We're in this together as a town, and we need taxes to support the town, but we need to treat people fairly.

Phillip Lohnes is a humble man, so I'll say for him that he deserves our vote.

This letter to the editor was published Monday, March 29, 2021.

David W. Carr of Newman Way, Arlington, submitted this letter.

As an attorney who practices law in Arlington, I am writing to express my support for friend and neighbor Philip Lohnes’s candidacy to the Arlington Board of Assessors.

As a CPA, Phil’s working world is “numbers” and complex regulations, and these are skills and knowledge that directly translates into the world of property assessments. I know him to be as conscientious as they come, and as a senior director of finance and human resources for Nantero Inc., a company specializing in improving the energy and efficiency of computer memory, Phil’s attention to detail is unmatched.

When I heard Phil was seeking a seat on the Board of Assessors, I enthusiastically added my name and signature to his nomination papers. Arlington needs to encourage more local professionals like Phil to get involved in municipal government.

This is a board that has not seen any new members in at least seven years, and the addition of Phil Lohnes would be a much-needed injection of fresh ideas and a new mindset.

Phil is as committed to Arlington as they come. The Board of Assessors plays an enormous role in guiding Arlington’s growth, and I know that Phil would bring the same qualities of integrity and professionalism to this position as he has to his own decades-worth of CPA experience.

I urge Arlington voters to cast a ballot for Philip Lohnes for Board of Assessors on Election Day next month.

This letter to the editor was published Monday, March 22, 2021.

Bill Hayner Putnam Road, Arlington, submitted this letter.

I have known Phil Lohnes for several years, most recently as a fellow member of the local Rotary Club. I enjoy talking with him about a variety of subjects local, state and national topics as well as philosophical. I have always found Phil as someone willing to listen to what you have to say and engage you in discussion on the topic.

One topic we both seem to agree on is the inequity of assessment in town. It seems that when a single house comes up for sale, in some neighborhoods, the selling price becomes the basis for assessment in that entire area. Some property is assessed according to its actual selling price, while others are revalued when one property in that neighborhood is sold.

Assessment should be done the same way throughout the town and not by neighborhood. This may be tough to take but if this were done townwide, I think I could live with it. I want the assessors to approach all properties with the same judgment so that the burden is shared equally. That is why I am supporting Phillip Lohnes for Assessor and recommend you do the same.

This letter to the editor was published Monday, March 22, 2021.

Lucia B. Caetano of Stoney Brook Road, Arlington, submitted this letter.

It is my pleasure to recommend Phillip Lohnes for the Board of Assessors in Arlington.

I have known Phil for many years and he has always been honest, trustworthy and warm, while precise in his understanding of issues at hand.

Professionally, Phil is an Arlington-based certified public accountant and financial consultant with many years of experience.

I believe Phil is an outstanding choice for this position in our town.

This letter to the editor was published Monday, March 22, 2021.

Dr. Ian C. Pilarczyk, the owner of Aussie Pet Mobile Arlington, submitted this letter.

I recently signed the nomination papers for Phil Lohnes, who is running for the Board of Assessors for a three-year term. I have known Phillip since I moved to Arlington in 2010, and he is a civic-minded resident with many years of CPA experience and a strong sense of integrity.

His election to the board would provide a new set of eyes and a fresh mindset to a board, which has not had any new members for some seven years. The Board of Assessors plays an integral role in the assessment of commercial and residential property in Arlington, and I know that Phil would perform this function in a fair, conscientious and highly professional manner. Please join me in supporting his candidacy.

This letter to the editor was published Wednesday, March 17, 2021.

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