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10 letters backing Hurd for Select Board

Nicole Fecteau, of Farmer’s Circle, Arlington, submitted this letter.

John Hurd

I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to work with John at his law office for five years. During that time, I have observed John not only as a lawyer and real estate expert, but also as a Select Board member, a volunteer, a coach, and, most importantly a father. John excels in all of these capacities.

As a lawyer, I see the respect his clients have for his advice on a wide array of legal matters. I also see the immense time John spends working on town issues and interacting with residents, both during and after the workday. I have observed John’s charitable giving, donating both money and free legal services to fundraisers for local organizations, including Arlington EATS, school PTOs and many local youth-sports organizations, to name a few. I have seen the time and energy John devotes to coaching hockey and baseball. He truly cares about the development of his players, both as athletes and individuals.

But, without a doubt, John’s most important role is that of father to his two boys. Wes and Dylan are often at the office with John while he juggles all of his other duties. You can see him
walking through Arlington Center with one son on his shoulders and the other by his side. He is an amazing father. I know his boys are the center of all of the decisions he makes, both in life and on the Select Board.

You cannot find a more well-rounded, experienced candidate for public office than John. Please vote to keep John on the Select Board on Saturday, April 10,.

This letter to the editor was published Monday, March 29, 2021.

Greg McCarthy of Addison Street, Arlington, submitted this letter.

Please vote for John Hurd to continue to bring needed real estate and zoning expertise to the Select Board.

I have worked with John professionally for around eight years. As a young real estate professional and investor, I always turned to John for advice on real estate and zoning matters, as I know that I could rely on his expertise.

Now, even with years of experience of my own, I still rely on John’s knowledge when making decisions. John is reliable for both small individual matters and larger questions concerning the real estate market and its fluctuations.

During his time on the Select Board, I have observed John use his professional expertise to assist his fellow board members make difficult decisions on issues relative to real estate and zoning. As the town continues its efforts to review zoning bylaws to identify ways to create affordable housing, John’s knowledge and experience are indispensable.

Please vote to keep attorney John Hurd on the Select Board.

This letter to the editor was published Monday, March 29, 2021.

Courtney Leary of Oakland Avenue, who describes herself as a Dallin mom, with fourth grader and a kindergartner, submitted this letter.

I have known John for over five years. Not only is he a great neighbor and friend, I know that in his time as member of the Select Board, he has always made decisions on issues based on what is best for our schools. Whether it comes to fully funding our school curriculum to meet the needs of Arlington’s students or making sure our school facilities support our enrollment and modern learning techniques, John is a board member that the school community can always rely on.

As a parent of two school-aged children, I am asking you to please support John’s candidacy ensure that he can build on the accomplishments of the Select Board and to make sure Arlington
continues to offer students a top-notch education.

Please get out and vote for John Hurd on Saturday, April 10.

This letter to the editor was published Monday, March 29, 2021.

Joe Keeffe of Eliot Road, Arlington, submitted this letter.

Please vote for John Hurd for Select Board on Saturday, April 10.

As a close family friend, I have known John his entire life and I am so happy that John has chosen to continue his work on the Select Board. Given John’s time constraints as a father of two boys in school and youth sports and a business owner, I find it amazing that John continues to devote so much time to serving on the Select Board.

John comes from a long family history of public service to the Town of Arlington. He follows in the footsteps of Franklin Hurd, Frank Hurd and his father, Jack Hurd, all of whom served on the then Board of Selectman.

Public service is in his blood. I can remember John when he was 6 years old, walking door to door to drop campaign literature for Frank. I always knew he would one day continue the service to the town, and he has done an amazing job during a challenging three-year term on the board.

John grew up in East Arlington and went to the Hardy School, so as a resident of East Arlington, I am particularly happy that John has consistently addressed issues facing our area of town, ranging from traffic concerns of Lake Street to supporting the East Arlington business district to his steadfast opposition to the disastrous proposed Mugar development. He understands the unique concerns that our neighborhood faces and works with colleagues and residents to address those concerns.

Please give John one of your two votes on April 10.

This letter to the editor was published Monday, March 22, 2021.

Stephanie Russell of Renfrew Street, Arlington, submitted this letter.

As an Arlington resident, an elementary school teacher and parent of three children in Arlington schools, I am asking you to please join me in voting for John Hurd for Select Board on April 10.

I have had the pleasure of knowing John for over 25 years and I know that he has the character, experience and work ethic to continue to be an effective advocate for our residents. His collaborative approach to governing allows him to work well with his colleagues and with proponents on both sides of town issues to promote policies that serve all Arlington residents.

This is evidenced by the fact that John has been endorsed by all of the Select Board members that he has ever served with who are endorsing candidates in this race.

As a teacher and school parent, I am truly grateful that someone like John is on the Select Board, who has a vested interest in the school system; namely, his kindergartner and second grader. While the School Committee oversees school curriculum, the Select Board plays a significant role in ensuring that the schools have sufficient funding to continue to provide a top-notch education to our school children. At this moment in history, with uncertainty in town revenue sources, we need Select Board members like John, who will advocate on behalf of Arlington Schools.

Spread the word and vote for Hurd!

This letter to the editor was published Monday, March 22, 2021.

Carol Ryerson-Greeley of Temple Street, Arlington, submitted this letter.

As a lifelong resident of Arlington, I am writing to express my strong endorsement of John Hurd for reelection to the Select Board. My late husband, Brian Greeley, taught me to look for three things in a good candidate: honesty, integrity and commitment. I have learned over the years to add the qualifications that the candidate must also be responsible, respectful and experienced. John Hurd passes all these tests with flying colors!

Knowing John for many years as the son of my good friends Jack and Dale Hurd and now working with him professionally as a local real estate lawyer, I have nothing but the highest admiration for John. His pledge to the town’s fiscal stability with the priorities aimed at helping seniors and school-aged children, addressing affordable housing, increasing diversity, focusing on climate change, transportation and sustainability all are in line with my own priorities.

Please join me in voting for John Hurd on Saturday, April 10; a responsible, respectful and experienced man of honesty, integrity and commitment.

This letter to the editor was published Sunday, March 21, 2021.

Jennifer Goodwin of Winchester Road, Arlington, submitted this letter.

I am writing to ask for one of your votes for John Hurd for Arlington Select Board on April 10. I met John about 15 years ago, when I was working on one of his dad’s campaigns. At that time John was at Tufts University, playing hockey, and with three youth hockey players in my own home, we had all been following John’s hockey career at Arlington Catholic and at Tufts. I loved that despite his busy college life John was very willing to come home to help his dad and his family. That stayed with me. And, it wouldn’t be the first campaign that John and I worked on together.

What I love about John is his deep commitment to Arlington. John is a small-business owner in Arlington. He runs a boutique law firm and, this past year, out of his deep desire to see local businesses survive the pandemic, John advocated on behalf of local restaurants. John’s leadership on behalf of these beleaguered restaurants filled a huge need at a critical time.

John is the consummate family man. Aside from being at work or at a Select Board meeting, one always sees John about town with at least one of his sons, Wes or Dylan, in tow. John coaches both of his boys’ Arlington youth hockey teams as well as their baseball teams. From firsthand experience, coaching is an incredible time commitment but also a wonderful way to meet families in town and to really get a pulse on the issues affecting the citizens of Arlington. What’s also important to note is that John is the only candidate for Select Board with children attending Arlington Public Schools. For parents of school aged children, like me, this perspective is particularly important.

John’s support of local charities touches me personally. I work at the Arlington Boys & Girls Club (ABGC). Like John, I am also a member of the corporation. I had the pleasure of seeing John every morning either dropping off or picking up Dylan at the ABC Preschool. John’s friendship, support and advice as a parent and as a town leader is invaluable to the staff at the ABGC. I am also president of the Catherine J. Malatesta Foundation. When I asked John for support at our annual fund-raising concert, John was there, no questions asked, doing whatever I needed. John also serves on the Board of Arlington EATS and has volunteered with the Somerville Homeless Coalition and has helped out at the Children’s Room.

I have two sons, ages 17 and 19. John is the man I hope my boys turn out to be like. He is a wonderful role model, and I love every opportunity for my boys to interact with John. For them to see a young guy who is a local business owner, leader and devoted family man is rare. John embodies what my husband and I work hard to instill in them and that is why John is the ideal candidate.

Please vote to reelect my friend John Hurd to the Arlington Select Board on April 10.

This letter to the editor was published Monday, March 15, 2021.

Eileen Farrell Mathews of Hillside Avenue, Arlington, submitted this letter.

Please Vote Hurd on Saturday, April 10.

I have had the privilege of being John’s neighbor for the past seven years, and I couldn’t ask for a better neighbor and friend!

John has helped me and my family in many ways over the years, and I value and appreciate his friendship. It has been amazing to watch John grow as a father to his two boys, Wes and Dylan, who attend the Dallin School with my daughter. From teaching them sports to pitching a tent and doing some “backwoods” camping in his backyard, barely a day goes by when John is not outside with his boys. Even in the face of his incredibly packed schedule, John prioritizes his time with his family.

John is always willing to drop what he is doing to help out friends and neighbors. One example that I would like to share happened very recently. On a weekday afternoon, my daughter was feeling down on herself after a bad experience on the ski slopes. When John found out, he immediately reached out to me and asked if he could “hire” her, a known young artist, to create some artwork for his upcoming campaign for Select Board.

This was a huge, needed confidence boost for her, and her mood changed immediately as she started to prepare for the upcoming project.

And, I must say in my unbiased opinion, the work she created was truly amazing and both he and she benefited from the experience. This is just one of many examples I can provide that show just kindness.

John is the exact type of person we need leading our town. Please join me in voting for John on Saturday, April 10.

This letter to the editor was published Monday, March 15, 2021.

Carol Curcio of Newport Street, Arlington, submitted this letter.

I am writing to strongly urge voters in Arlington to reelect John Hurd to the Select Board on April 10.

I have known John both in his professional capacity as a real estate lawyer in Arlington and in his personal capacity, as husband, a father and a friend. In the real estate industry, I can attest to John’s incredible knowledge and expertise of both real estate and zoning matters, and the local Arlington housing market. He is someone that I, and many other real estate professionals, to turn for advice on all things real estate and housing.

As a current member of the Select Board, John has a keen understanding of our residents’ vision for housing in town. John has been advocating for increased affordable housing in Arlington long before this became a prevalent issue among local discussion groups. He is the only candidate that can bring this critical expertise as Arlington seeks to update zoning bylaws to increase affordable housing.

Personally, John is a person of high integrity who is well respected by his many friends and colleagues. John was educated in Arlington schools, then went on to Tufts University and Suffolk Law School before hanging his shingle here in Arlington Center. John is a true collaborator. Whether it is at work, at a Select Board Meeting, or in life, John treats anyone he encounters with respect. He listens to colleagues and residents, comprehends the request and then takes action to solve the issue presented.

In the next term, the Select Board will make many import decisions, ranging from racial equity to affordable housing and sustainability, and supporting our residents and businesses as we transition back to our pre-Covid lives. We need a person with John Hurd’s background, experience and expertise on the Select Board.

Please join me in voting for John Hurd on Saturday, April 10.

This letter to the editor was published Monday, March 15, 2021.

Cindy Sheridan Curran of Franklin Street, Arlington, submitted this letter.

Have you Hurd? We need to keep John on the Select Board.

When John first ran for the Select Board, I wrote to share my experience with John as a person and a coach to my two sons. I am doing so again, but I also want to share my thoughts based on my more recent connection to John, as a constituent. John has been a respectful, thoughtful member of the Select Board. In the past three years, the board has faced many challenges, some seemingly insurmountable, but John approached each issue with an open mind and open ears. He is an excellent listener, who absorbs the input he receives, then makes the best decision for the town based on both direction from town residents and his own personal experience and expertise.

But again, I want to share my own personal experience with John as a parent who was fortunate enough to have John coach my two sons in youth hockey. John brought in-depth knowledge and experience to the coaching position as a skilled hockey player.

But what I was most impressed with was John’s positive approach to teaching and coaching the game. He stressed the importance of teamwork, good sportsmanship, and being a good person on and off the ice. However, more than anything, he always reminded his players to have fun, because that is why they play the game. John was an incredible role model for my boys, and I know he continues to be for many children in Arlington as a hockey and baseball coach. These are the qualities I look for in a local elected official.

Please cast one of your two votes for John Hurd on April 10. 

This letter to the editor was published Monday, March 15, 2021.


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