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22 letters support Susse campaign

William J. Logan of Mary Street, Arlington, submitted this letter.

Jennifer Susse, 2020Susse

I am a Town Meeting Member from Precinct 2, a member of the Election Modernization Committee and former Arlington Human Rights commissioner. I am asking for your consideration of one of your two votes for Jennifer Susse for Select Board on Saturday, April 10.

I frequently interact with Jennifer on the Election Modernization Committee. She serves as a representative of the School Committee, a body on which she was a member for six years. Jennifer offers valuable advice on election issues and speaks frequently at the meetings.

When I served on the Arlington Human Rights Commission, Jennifer was often there and spoke on various issues regarding education, diversity and equality issues." Attending Human Rights Commission meetings was something she did in order to reach out to an important committee, talk about equity issues in the schools and hear concerns about which she might not know.

Jennifer is also very accessible and willing to engage in discussion about any concerns one might have. I hope you will please consider Jennifer Susse for Select Board.

This letter to the editor was published Tuesday, April 6, 2021.

Steve Berczuk of Teel Street and Charles Hartshorn of Marrigan Street, Arlington, submitted this letter.

We are excited to have the opportunity to vote for Jennifer Susse for Arlington’s Select Board. Her experience as a parent and School Committee member will be an important addition to the Select Board, as so many important issues include the schools in ways we might not expect.

Jennifer is a problem solver, but more importantly she is a skilled solution seeker, creating channels where she can gather input from the community to find a good solution to a problem, even if it wasn’t the one she started out with. This approach will lead to more sustainable improvements in the town.

Making change happen is about more than having good, progressive ideas. Lots of people have good ideas. Jennifer not only has ideas but also the confidence and leadership skills to gather input from the community so that the best solutions get implemented. Effective change happens when you listen to people to improve your ideas and build consensus.

As a School Committee member she created an email list to share information, a variety of forums to discuss issues related to enrollment, and organized periodic “coffee chats” where School Committee members could listen to the concerns of the community, and these are still happening.

In addition to building consensus and moving ideas forward, Jennifer gets things done. Jennifer organized canvassing for the override to get our schools much-needed funding. Her coordination helped to get the message out, and her passion and enthusiasm energized the volunteers.

We all have many roles in the community, and voter is one of the most important ones.

We are voting for Jennifer in the April 10 town election, and we encourage you to join us.

This letter to the editor was published Saturday, March 27, 2021.

Sarah Huber of Amherst Street, Arlington, submitted this letter.

Jennifer Susse will bring passion, enthusiasm, and a remarkable work ethic to the Arlington Select Board.

In six years on the School Committee, she worked tirelessly to represent all students. When racial disparities in suspension rates were uncovered Jennifer initiated reports on suspensions broken out by race and championed the Superintendent’s Diversity Task Force recommendation to instigate implicit bias training for all APS staff. She was instrumental in the creation of the sixth-grade school at Gibbs to address the overcrowding at Ottoson. And she took the time to write informative and detailed updates for those of us who could not make it to the meetings.

In the 10 years I have known her, she has been a key source of insight into town issues. She attends meetings (whether or not she’s on the committee), listening to others and sharing creative solutions. She stays up late and works hard on the minutiae of warrant articles, proposals, zoning laws and budgets.

She is especially committed to education, housing, and social justice. If Jennifer is elected to the Select Board, I know she will put her time, energy and focus to all the issues that are most important in our community.

This letter to the editor was published Sunday, March 28, 2021.

Jennifer Lewis-Forbes of Mary Street, Arlington, submitted this letter.

I am very pleased to offer my strong support for Jennifer Susse for Select Board.

Jennifer and I have known each other for several years through our advocacy for Arlington's public schools. During her tenure on Arlington's School Committee, Jennifer brought steady and confident leadership. As a parent, I was grateful for her ability to regularly communicate complex information; analyze and interpret our school budget, highlighting the opportunities and challenges that come with it.

Jennifer's calm and forthright demeanor was essential in tackling our town's school overcrowding issue. As tensions ran high, Jennifer took on the practical task of organizing community forums. I was impressed when Jennifer recruited a skilled local mediator to help facilitate these difficult conversations. It was one of the best townwide community forums I've attended.

Jennifer brings the same skill set to her work with Arlington Neighbors for More Neighbors, a Facebook housing-advocacy group. Housing production, affordability, equity, zoning and environmental considerations are incredibly complicated and elicit strong opinions from our friends and neighbors throughout Arlington. Jennifer is eager for the challenge, bringing together a cross-section of individuals to add to the discussion. In this role, I particularly appreciate Jennifer's intellectual curiosity and ability to set practical goals and expectations as we look for opportunities to increase Arlington's housing stock.

For all of the reasons, Jennifer will be a strong addition to the Arlington Select Board. I hope you will join me in voting for Jennifer Susse on April 10.

This letter to the editor was published Saturday, March 27, 2021.

Alex Bilsky of Colonial Drive, Arlington, submitted this letter.

I've known Jennifer Susse for many years, and I appreciate the progressive values Jennifer brings to Arlington. Jennifer is a longtime East Arlington resident, Town Meeting member and former School Committee member.

As a School Committee member, Jennifer helped rebuild and expand Arlington’s schools. As Arlington’s school enrollment outgrew our school buildings, Jennifer brought the community together to share valuable information on our options and to advise the School Committee on the best path forward. The beautifully renovated, sixth-grade Gibbs School resulted from that work.

Jennifer has also helped lead multiple campaigns to secure adequate funding for Arlington’s schools and the town.

Jennifer’s skills in listening to community input and keeping residents informed on town issues are needed on the Select Board now more than ever. I know Jennifer will work tirelessly to improve communication. In her campaign for Select Board, Jennifer has highlighted the town’s need to improve housing affordability, which is critical to promoting equity and diversity in Arlington.

I urge you to support Jennifer Susse for Select Board on April 10.

This letter to the editor was published Saturday, March 27, 2021.

Jeff Thielman of Coolidge Road, a member of the Arlington School Committee and chairman of the Arlington High School Building Committee, submitted this letter.

I am thrilled to support Jennifer Susse’s candidacy to be a member of our town’s Select Board.

Jennifer and I worked closely together during her six years on the Arlington School Committee. I came to admire her work ethic and the degree to which she prepared for each meeting and presentation before us. She was best known for making sure we had broad input from the community before making important decisions.

Early in her tenure on the School Committee, we realized the Ottoson Middle School was not large enough to house grades six through eight. A solution was to move the sixth graders to the Gibbs School, the former “Junior High East.” This decision, however, meant we would have to evict several longstanding tenants that served and employed Arlington residents.

Jennifer organized a number of community forums in which people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives voiced their views. We listened, heard from all sides, and learned about the important impact the tenants had on the community. Because of Jennifer’s leadership, most people in the community came to believe that the best decision was to make Gibbs our sixth-grade school, and today, thanks to Jennifer, the Gibbs is a thriving learning community with beautiful, rebuilt learning spaces.

Jennifer did not forget about the tenants. She worked behind the scenes and supported them as they found other places to serve our community.

Jennifer is smart and deeply committed to Arlington. She’ll be the one on the Select Board to make sure every voice in the community is heard before important decisions are made. I urge you to join me in giving one of your two votes to Jennifer Susse on Saturday, April 10 or beforehand by absentee ballot.

This letter to the editor was published Sunday, March 21, 2021.

 Chris Wilbur, a Precinct 3 Town Meeting member, submitted this letter.

I'm writing in support of Jennifer Susse for Arlington Select Board. In my conversations with Jennifer as a fellow Precinct 3 TMM over the last two years, I've been struck by her knowledge, experience and commitment to the town, as well as a mix of personal qualities I look for in town leadership: on the one hand, fairness, reasonableness and open-mindedness; on the other, keeping a sharp focus on identifying and solving our most pressing problems.

What is the Arlington we hope to become? Equality and diversity; a strong educational system; protecting our environment and our neighborhood and town character while addressing statewide housing crises in both affordability and overall availability. Staying solvent. The challenges, we know, are varied and complex.

To me education and housing are standout areas. Jennifer has deep and intimate experience with our school system as a longtime School Board member. As a Town Meeting member for over a decade, she has a strong grasp, perspective and focus on the housing and environment issues now coming to a head. She is known and respected, and can hit the ground running.

Diversifying the Select Board by adding a second woman member is yet another reason to support Jennifer.

I hope everyone takes the opportunity to attend the upcoming Candidates' Night, and respectfully urge all to consider giving Jennifer Susse your vote on April 10. Thank you.

This letter to the editor was published Friday, March 26, 2021.

Christa Kelleher, Precinct 5 Town Meeting member, of Medford Street, submitted this letter.

With the town election coming up April 10 and early voting by mail now an option, I urge voters to cast a vote for Jennifer Susse, candidate for Select Board. I admire Jennifer for her thoughtful approach to community engagement, enduring commitment to effective town governance and incredible work ethic that she has brought to all her civic roles, be it her six years on the School Committee, 11 years on Town Meeting or leadership on two ballot question campaigns.

I've worked closely with Jennifer on a few efforts, including coordination of children's activities for an Arlington Democratic Town Committee Town Day table, a pending warrant article to compensate School Committee members at the same stipend level as members of the Select Board and several local campaigns.

Jennifer possesses both a broad, long-term vision and an understanding of what it will take to realistically achieve that vision, while keeping the community informed and engaged throughout the process. It is this mix of vision and management skills that I recognize in Jennifer that will be beneficial to the Select Board as it grapples with important issues related to racial equity and justice, housing diversity and supply, economic development, sustainability and transportation.

I appreciate Jennifer’s approach to addressing complex matters that will have enduring impacts on the residents of Arlington as she recognizes the necessity of involving the community at all stages of policy development. In order to make this kind of engagement meaningful and effective, she calls for adequate time, rather than a rushed process, as well as innovative ways of reaching the community, particularly to ensure that all perspectives are taken into account, especially those that may be underrepresented.

I witnessed Jennifer in action as she helped lead a community process to determine whether a stand-alone sixth grade school would be the best option to address the educational and social-emotional needs of students and challenges of an overcrowded middle school. As a parent who participated in that community process and wasn’t certain which option would be most appropriate, I valued the comprehensive, interactive and honest discussions about what would be best for our youth. It’s this kind of process that I think is essential if we are to come together as a community to be more welcoming and equitable, responsive to the needs of all residents, and address the evolving challenges of the pandemic.

This is why I so strongly endorse Jennifer Susse for Select Board and encourage voters to support her as well. Thank you.

This letter to the editor was published Thursday, March 25, 2021.

John Hoppe of Teel Street and Alex Hoffinger of Waldo Road, both of Arlington, submitted this letter.

We are writing in support of Jennifer Susse, who is campaigning for Arlington Select Board. She is our neighbor, and we have had the pleasure of knowing her for many years.

Jennifer is very active in helping to improve and care for our neighborhood, Hendersonville and the general area around Waldo Park. For years now, she has helped to plan, run and cook for our popular Waldo Park Halloween event, which includes a children’s costume show and hot dogs with other food donations.

And she volunteers her time and energy to the annual Waldo Park gardening and landscaping weekend, as well as other spruce-up activities on the Alewife Brook pathway, which runs through our neighborhood as well.

She has also served as a neighborhood volunteer for the committee that makes planting and design plans for Waldo Park. Jennifer is one of the pillars of our neighborhood, an unfailing source of good ideas, helpfulness and humor, and we know she will make a fine addition to the Select Board.

This letter to the editor was published Tuesday, March 23, 2021.

Stephanie Marlin-Curiel of Cross Street, Arlington, submitted this letter.

I am writing in strong support of Jennifer Susse for Select Board.

Since I first met Jennifer, at a campaign rally for Kenneth Greeley, she has been deeply committed to our neighborhood and the town. Susse demonstrates her commitment every day by serving in Town Meeting, connecting with people, holding coffees and promoting transparency by distributing detailed information to her list on issues that concern them.

As a School Committee member, Jennifer has always been open about issues affecting kids in our schools, and has always been a helpful, proactive liaison and advocate for the arts. She has a deep understanding of town government and will make a wonderful Select Board member.

This letter to the editor was published Tuesday, March 23, 2021.

Priya Sankalia of Pheasant Avenue, a Precinct 13 Town Meeting member, submitted this letter.

I am writing in strong support of Jennifer Susse for Select Board. Jennifer has been a dear friend for the last 11 years, since our kids were in kindergarten at the Thompson School.

Jennifer is a natural leader and organizer, right from her days on the Thompson PTO to the years she spent on the School Committee. I recall her days on the Thompson PTO, leading the Community Card effort, when she rallied a lot of us parents around the sale of the card. The campaign was a huge success, and continues to be run by the Thompson PTO bringing much-needed support for the Thompson community.

As a working parent, I always appreciated Jennifer’s regular email updates during her years on the School Committee. They were thoughtful, data-driven and nuanced, and gave me a sense of the decisions being made on the School Committee without having to attend every meeting.

I have seen Jennifer give her time and her full commitment to the numerous activities she’s been involved with in Arlington -- be it the Arlington Children’s Theater or serving on committees in Town Meeting. In fact, when we moved back to Arlington after spending two years in India, it was Jennifer who encouraged me to get involved in the community and to run for Town Meeting. She has always recognized the need for diversity in town government and I, as a person of color, have appreciated her deep understanding of the values held by the Arlington community, the challenges the community faces and potential solutions for a better future.

I know from experience that Jennifer will bring a refreshing approach, an abundance of experience and a tenacious attitude to the Select Board. For those reasons and many others, I wholeheartedly support her candidacy.

This letter to the editor was published Sunday, March 21, 2021.

Greg Dennis of Wheaton Road, Arlington, a Precinct 1 Town Meeting member, submitted this letter.

I am writing to express my enthusiastic support for Jennifer Susse for Select Board. I’ve known Jennifer since my first run for Town Meeting six years ago, when she was the first person to reach out and offer support for my candidacy. In the years since, we have worked together on several important projects and issues facing the town. I’ve come to know her as a natural collaborator who digs deep into issues and prizes community engagement — ideal qualities in a member of the Select Board.

In 2015, as school overcrowding concerns were growing townwide, Jennifer used her leadership role on the School Committee to inform and engage the community in finding a way forward. She provided regular updates on proposed solutions, solicited resident opinions and hosted public forums, because she understands the critical role that public participation must play to resolve complex challenges facing the town. And when a viable set of proposals to address school enrollment did emerge, she cochaired the Build Arlington’s Future campaign, which led ballot questions for those proposals to resounding victories.

I have also worked closely with Jennifer on the Election Modernization Committee. Since the committee’s inception in 2019, Jennifer has been a consistently studious and thoughtful member. She does her homework, asks smart questions and once the committee reaches a conclusion, she helps make it a reality. She championed the committee’s successful effort to simplify and consolidate Town Meeting member elections last year and has become a thoughtful advocate for the committee’s ranked-choice voting warrant article to appear before Town Meeting this year.

While Jennifer is an impressive political leader, in some ways she is not a traditional “politician.” She speaks frankly, avoids platitudes and doesn’t dodge questions. If only we could see the same from all of our elected officials. I hope you will join me in casting one of your two votes, either in person or by absentee, for Jennifer Susse on April 10.

This letter to the editor was published Sunday, March 21, 2021.

Barbara Goodman of Arlington submitted this letter.

As a former elected town official (School Committee 1993 to 2005), I am offering my perspective on the roles of individual members who serve on elected town boards. Within that context, I’ll explain the importance of voting for Jennifer Susse for Select Board.

Local and state laws dictate the responsibility of our governing bodies. However, they do not prescribe the role of the individuals who sit on these boards. It’s (within legal and ethical limitations) up to the elected official to create his or her role.

Good board member research issues and vote thoughtfully on matters that come before them. Great town officials also initiate, advocate and build consensus on matters important to their constituents. As an activist on the Arlington School Committee (2014 to 2020), Jennifer has the track-record to become a great member of our Select Board.

Jennifer’s initiatives are numerous. In 2016, soon after becoming chair of the School Committee, she initiated the practice of including data, broken-down by race, into the School Committee’s annual reports on suspensions. Then, having brought to light the troubling racial disparity in addressing student behavior, she joined with others to successfully push for implicit bias training for all school staff.

To ensure that the School Committee decisions were made with community input, Jennifer organized public forums on controversial issues. To ensure that she was in touch with what was happening in our school, Jennifer instituted office hours, and attended PTO meetings across town.

Arlington is facing important and controversial issues, including creating affordable housing, reviewing zoning bylaws, maintaining open space, and proposing a tax override. At a time when distrust in government is on the rise, it is most important to have someone on the Select Board who is eager to find ways to engage the public in making decisions that will profoundly affect the future of our town. Please give Jennifer Susse one of your two votes for the Select Board.

This letter to the editor was published Friday, March 12, 2021.

Nili Pearlmutter of Harlow Street, Arlington, submitted this letter to the editor.

I am writing to share why Jennifer Susse will be getting one of my two votes for Arlington Select Board.

I first met Jennifer when our children attended the Thompson School. Jennifer was an active member of the community, always taking on volunteer roles to support the experiences of the Thompson students. She was happy to lead, taking on organizing efforts, but equally happy to pitch in, doing whatever needed to be done.

When Jennifer won election to the Arlington School Committee, she continued her record of hard work in the interest of Arlington’s children and families. Jennifer demonstrated an ability to listen to multiple perspectives as she faced complex School Committee decisions. In addition, she prioritized open and transparent communication, sending regular email updates to all who
were interested.

The above speaks to Jennifer’s competency and skills. However, the reason I am motivated to write this public letter is because Jennifer also has demonstrated a commitment to fighting climate change. I am a member of Mothers Out Front, a climate action group. Knowing how busy Jennifer was with her School Committee responsibilities, it surprised (and delighted) me when she used her summer-time break from intense School Committee responsibilities to become involved with our Arlington chapter.

Just like our days at Thompson, Jennifer was willing to pitch in -- whether helping organize an event, handing out fliers, or hosting an outreach party. Jennifer has demonstrated through her actions that she understands that the climate crisis we face is critical and must be a priority for the sake of all of our children. She will bring that important understanding to her tenure on the Arlington Select Board.

I hope you will join me in voting for Jennifer Susse on April 10.

This letter to the editor was published Saturday, March 13, 2021.

 Jennifer Susse's kickoff was held Sunday, Feb. 28

Meredith DiMola of Crosby street, a Precinct 11 Town Meeting member, submitted this letter.

I write in strong support of Jennifer Susse for Select Board.

I first moved to Arlington in 2014 with an incoming kindergartner and a 1-year old. After a few years of adjusting to a new town and volunteering where I could, I became co-president of the Bishop School PTO. That was when I first met Jennifer Susse.

It was in 2016, as the Bishop School Committee representative, that I first heard Jennifer present to the Bishop community. I was immediately impressed with her ease of explaining data around how Arlington’s schools and students compared internationally as well as breaking down the future plans for Gibbs and the high school and fielding many questions from the community.

I have always appreciated Jennifer’s willingness to respond to the questions members of the Bishop community would have and her consistent desire to keep us informed through her newsletters. Her ability to communicate effectively, respond to people quickly, and take complex issues and simplify them will be a significant asset as a Select Board member.

I know Jennifer cares about our community, and I look forward to her continued ability to care for our community as a Select Board member.

This letter to the editor was published Monday, March 8, 2021.

Alex Bagnall, Precinct 7 Town Meeting member, and Patrick Hanlon, Precinct 5 meeting member, submitted this letter:

We are delighted to support Jennifer Susse for Select Board.

Jennifer’s experience is both deep and broad. She knows Arlington, from her experience on the School Committee, from her history with the Human Rights Committee, from her service in Town Meeting, from her work in Mothers Out Front, and, well, because Jennifer is Jennifer. Equally important, Jennifer’s values are the values that Arlington proclaims at its very best moments, and the values that we look for in a candidate for the Select Board.

There are many reasons to support Jennifer, but we focus on one that is especially important to us: housing. Our community is at an inflection point. We can keep on our present course. Housing prices will reach vertiginous levels; seniors will find it ever harder to stay in the community; young people will rule out Arlington as a place to start their families; and poor people will decide that Arlington is a bridge too far. Or we can do the hard work of coming together to figure out a better, more just vision for our town. Jennifer has the will, skill, and experience to provide the needed Select Board leadership in bringing our whole community together on this important issue.

Jennifer is deeply committed to a more just and equitable future for Arlington. She brings a depth and breadth of experience and perspectives to conversations about housing and is a tireless advocate for broad community engagement and reaching out to other groups in town. Housing policy is but one issue, but it directly touches so many of the issues Jennifer (and we) are passionate about: education, racial justice, transportation, health care and the environment.

We support Jennifer because we agree with her on these issues and because we know that she can lead the open and inclusive community process that is necessary to make progress on resolving them in our town.

Please join us in voting for Jennifer Susse on April 10.

This letter to the editor was published Monday, March 1, 2021.

Ben Rudick of Webcowet Road, Arlington, submitted this letter:

I am writing in support of Jennifer Susse's campaign for Select Board.

As the founder of Arlington Neighbors for More Neighbors, a Facebook group, I believe Jennifer's presence on the Select Board would help bring about our goal of "secure, abundant homes for everyone."

Jennifer is an experienced, empathetic leader who has made addressing our growing housing crisis central to her campaign.

I asked Jennifer why housing was so important to her. She gave an eloquent response:

"Housing is at the intersection of everything else that I care about. If you care about educational and economic inequity, then it is important to remember that where a child grows up has a huge influence on their life’s prospects. If you care about racial justice you can’t ignore the horrific role that the federal government, along with many states and localities, did to deny black home ownership in this country. If you care about the climate crisis and sustainability then the type of housing we build over the next 30 years will make a real difference in whether we have a chance to achieve our goals.

Arlington is not going to solve this problem by itself, but that doesn’t mean it is morally permissible to do nothing. In my opinion every town and city needs to step up and do their part. We can be a leader in/on this issue just as we are currently a leader in the Commonwealth for our environmental efforts and for fiscal oversight."

Well said, Jennifer. Well said.

Please join me in voting for Jennifer Susse for Select Board on April 10.

This letter to the editor was published Monday, March 1, 2021.

The following letter to the editor was signed by Suzanne Leone Lindner, Sheelah Ward, Andrea Loeb and Angela Alton.

We are writing with enthusiastic support for Jennifer Susse for Arlington Select Board. We all became acquainted with Jennifer 12 years ago through our active membership in the Thompson PTO.

Jennifer was a valued member of the Thompson community who worked tirelessly with others to address the inherent and challenging needs unique to the neighborhood at that time. During her two-year term as treasurer of the PTO, Jennifer managed Thompson’s enrichment budget with great care and accuracy.

One of Jennifer’s many contributions was as one of the creators of the Arlington Community Card. Her drive, vision and collaborative skills were a driving force in the success of this program, which to this day continues to provide substantial educational enrichment opportunities to the entire Thompson student body, while also benefiting town businesses and residents.

Jennifer joined Town Meeting in 2010, not only to more fully participate in the affairs of Arlington, but to advocate for the long-awaited rebuild of the Thompson School. She was one of an integral team of community members who successfully pushed for the town to follow through on its commitment to rebuild all of Arlington’s elementary schools.

Jennifer also impressed us with her tireless, six-year commitment to the Arlington School Committee. Her emphasis on community outreach and listening confirmed to parents and community members that our concerns were being heard and acted on. There’s no doubt that as a member of the Select Board, Jennifer will continue to communicate with the community as a whole to gain full insight into the issues each of us care about, and that she has the skills and abilities to address those issues and offer solutions.

With her experience, integrity and proven commitment to our town, we all feel strongly that Jennifer will be an outstanding member of the Select Board and we invite you to join us in voting for Jennifer Susse on April 10.

This letter to the editor was published Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2021.

Paulette and Ed Schwartz of Arlington submitted this letter to the editor:

We are writing in support of Jennifer Susse’s candidacy for the Arlington Select Board. Jennifer is an outstanding candidate by virtue of her breadth of experience in elected and volunteer positions, her ideas and vision for Arlington’s future, and the commitment she and her family have made to Arlington.

After moving here with her family in 2008, Jennifer quickly became involved in a wide range of volunteer activities. She has been a Town Meeting member since 2010. She has worked on two overrides, the new high school building campaign and the election modernization committee.

As a member of the School Committee for six years (2014-2020), Jennifer served as chair of the community relations committee and was involved in budget, long-range planning, facilities and the superintendent search committees, to name a few.

Jennifer brings energy, intelligence, and strong leadership skills to any endeavor she undertakes. Her activism covers a broad spectrum—Arlington Children’s Theatre, Thompson PTO, the Girl Scouts, Mothers Out Front, Equitable Arlington, etc.

We all know that these are difficult times needing strong leaders. Jennifer is committed to working on the important and complex issues of housing, the environment, and racial justice. She understands the value of good communication and reaching out to everyone.

We hope you will join us in voting for Jennifer Susse on April 10. She would be the only board member with critical School Committee experience and expertise. We need a woman on our select board with her experience, visionary ideas, energy and commitment to our Arlington community.

This letter to the editor was published Monday, Feb. 22, 2021.

Phil Goff of East Arlington submitted this letter to the editor:

I write with my strong endorsement of Jennifer Susse for the Arlington Select Board. For the 13 years she has lived in Arlington, Jennifer has shown her passion to enhance the town, its schools, its neighborhoods, and its governance. Your vote on April 10 will help bring this energy to the board.

Since meeting Jennifer over 10 years ago, I’ve noted not only her own great ideas for improving conditions in Arlington, but her openness to alternative thoughts and dissenting opinions. In fact, her push for additional community input through public meetings and on-line engagement—a highlight of her time on the School Committee—is one of the themes of her current campaign. This ability to listen to the concerns and dreams of Arlington residents will likely guide her decision-making on policies and programs that address development/zoning, transportation, racial justice, environmental protection and housing.

It is the latter category in particular that Jennifer has emphasized in her campaign. She sees not only increasing cost of home ownership or renting as problematic, but also the need for a more diverse range of housing types to welcome young professionals, families and empty nesters at a range of income levels to Arlington.

Based on positions taken at recent Town Meetings and her recent campaign literature, Jennifer recognizes the opportunities that zoning revisions can have to bring about the housing variety that would benefit the town. She also recognizes that new housing—especially multifamily buildings—needs to be planned with convenient access to transit (e.g., along Mass. Ave.) and within a street environment that is walkable, bikeable and safe for all ages and abilities.

That’s not just talk for Jennifer; on many occasions she volunteered with my organization, East Arlington Livable Streets (EALS) Coalition. This included publicly speaking in support of the safety improvements for the Mass. Ave. redesign, handing out fliers for the 2014 referendum on the redesign, doing ped/bike counts along the Minuteman Path, and helping every year for the Earth Day trail cleanup.

Jennifer Susse has the background, awareness of critical issues, ability to listen, and enthusiasm to become a terrific addition to Arlington’s Select Board. I urge you to vote for her on April 10.

This letter to the editor was published Monday, Feb. 22, 2021.

Steve Revilak, a Precinct 1 Town Meeting member, submitted this letter to the editor.

Hello Arlington residents: I'd like to invite you to the kickoff of Jennifer Susse's campaign for Select Board, on Sunday, Feb. 21, at 4 p.m. The kickoff will be held virtually (via Zoom), and you can register for the event here >> [Note: The kickoff has been postponed to 4 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 28, because of a death in the family.]

I am excited about Jennifer's candidacy as Arlington faces both challenges and opportunities. Jennifer seeks to strengthen our community and ensure that all voices and perspectives matter in decisions made about the future of the town.

I first met Jennifer six years ago, during my first run for Town Meeting. She has a long a history of service to the town of Arlington: six years on School Committee, 11 years as a Town Meeting member, leadership roles on several school PTOs, and active involvement in various committees and organizations, such as the Election Modernization Committee and Mothers Out Front.

Jennifer is smart, understands the workings of town government and has a passion for public outreach and engagement. She will bring valuable knowledge, leadership experience, and an important perspective to the Select Board.

I look forward to introducing you to Jennifer on Feb. 21.

This letter was published Monday, Feb. 15, 2021.

Susse offers qualifications for Select Board

This letter to the editor was submitted by Jennifer Susse, who is running for the Select Board.

It is with great enthusiasm that I announce my candidacy for the Arlington Select Board. I have served the town in a wide range of capacities. They include the School Committee, Town Meeting, leadership roles in multiple ballot-question campaigns, Girl Scouts; the Thompson, Hardy and Ottoson PTOs; and membership in the Election Modernization Committee, Equitable Arlington and Mothers Out Front.

As your Select Board member, I will champion policies that affect Arlington residents across generations, on issues including housing, the environment and racial justice.

I am passionate about providing multiple opportunities for residents to engage with their elected officials. While on the School Committee, I organized several large public forums to hear from stakeholders during difficult decisions, started a newsletter and web page, worked on surveys to collect input from teachers and parents and pushed for School Committee office hours. As a Select Board member, I will continue to create new avenues for engagement, including finding ways to hear from those whose voices are not well represented.

While I intend to work on many issues while serving on the Select Board, the focus of this campaign is on the importance of land-use policies that better reflect Arlington’s needs and values -- needs that include housing for residents with a range of incomes, ages and family sizes.

Furthermore, our current commercial zoning and complicated permitting process create barriers for new businesses, limiting the vibrancy of our commercial corridor. As the town’s political leaders, the Select Board has an important role to play in initiating robust and informed public conversations as we search for Arlington-specific solutions to these issues.

As I launch my campaign for Arlington Select Board, I am profoundly aware that many people in our community have been impacted by unprecedented challenges. I hope you and your family are safe and that the coming months brings hope, promise and opportunity. I offer my deepest sympathies to those who have lost loved ones and/or have suffered economic hardship.

Please join me at my Zoom kickoff on Sunday, Feb. 21 at 4 p.m. or at one of our Zoom meet-and-greets. You can find links for these events and my priorities at, or at Jennifer Susse for Arlington Select Board on Facebook.  

This letter was published Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2021.

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