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10 letters supporting reelection for Rogers

Rachel Roth of Arlington submitted this letter.

Dave RogersRogers

Aug. 26 is Women's Equality Day, commemorating the 1920 adoption of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees citizens the right to vote, regardless of sex. I’ll be using my right to vote to cast a ballot for Rep. Dave Rogers.

Toward the end of his first term, Rep. Rogers invited me to brainstorm with him about ideas for new legislation. Two we talked about were a Pregnant Workers Fairness Act and bail reform.

Rep. Rogers understood how these proposals would advance civil rights and foster greater fairness, especially for lower-income people and people of color, and worked to get them both enacted into law over the next few years. I would like to see even more progress on reproductive rights and bail reform, and I know that these rights and solving problems with our criminal legal system will remain high on his agenda.

Rep. Rogers has withstood pressure from powerful interests to stand up for the rights of individuals. During the recent House debates on policing reform, he took political risks by proposing an amendment to strengthen the civil rights of people who suffer police brutality.

I’m reassured to have someone in office who will take those hard votes to stand up for my rights and well-being, and those of all people in Massachusetts.

This letter was published Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2020.

Sharon Grossman of Peabody Road submitted this letter.

I write in strong support of Dave Rogers for state representative. Dave has represented parts of Belmont and Cambridge, and precincts 2, 4, 8, 10 and 12 since 2012.

I first met Dave when he knocked on my door in 2012. After an in-depth conversation, I worked for that first campaign, and we have been talking ever since. This speaks to Dave’s continued strong engagement in Arlington since that first campaign. His frequent communication with constituents through his newsletters, responsiveness to phone calls and emails, and consistent attendance at forums, meetings, and community events.

Dave’s work on racial- and social-justice issues is a core value for which he can be counted on locally and at the state level. When asked to support the Arlington Human Rights Commission’s first celebration of Black History Month banners, which were on display along Mass. Ave., by contributing, Dave immediately said, “Yes!” At the state level, Dave is a strong proponent of criminal-justice and policing reform.

Other areas that are important to me that Dave has been particularly focused on include climate change and environmental protection, women’s rights and supporting the most vulnerable through increasing funding for homelessness. As a public school educator, I am grateful for Dave’s strong support of the public schools, whether by supporting the Arlington High School rebuilding project, or listening to our concerns, or the summer internship program in his office.

Arlington needs continued strong representation in the House of Representatives at the State House by a proven progressive. We need someone who will listen to our needs and concerns, be responsive, and engaged in our community. Dave Rogers has shown his ability to do so. I hope that you will join me in voting for Dave, by mail or in person on Sept. 1.

This letter was published Sunday, Aug. 16, 2020.

Stephen W. DeCourcey of Cheswick Road, a member of the Select Board, submitted this letter.

I write to enthusiastically support the reelection of Dave Rogers to the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

Although the 24th Middlesex House District that Dave represents includes only a portion of Arlington (precincts 2, 4, 8, 10 and 12), Dave has been a strong advocate for all Arlington residents. As a Select Board member, I have seen firsthand how Dave has worked in partnership with us to further the town’s interests. I have also been impressed with how he has kept us informed regarding the status of legislative initiatives that he is working on at the State House.

Since first being elected to the House in 2012, Dave has been a leading proponent of environmental protection, investing in our public schools and working to find solutions to improve our transportation infrastructure. As an example, Dave recently joined several other legislators in forming a Route 2/Alewife working group to address concerns about congestion and transportation issues specific to the Alewife area.

Dave maintains strong ties to Arlington through his participation at numerous town and community events. Further, his monthly newsletter is noteworthy for its comprehensive legislative updates as well as its inclusion of links to state and local resources.

Those of us in the 24th Middlesex District will have a choice in the upcoming Democratic primary to be held Sept. 1. Whether you will be voting by mail, by early voting, or in person, please join me in voting to reelect Dave Rogers so that he may continue serving the people of Arlington.

This letter was published Saturday, Aug. 15, 2020.

Mary Cummings of Jason Street submitted this letter.

I first met Dave Rogers just before he started his first campaign for state representative. A friend had asked me to meet him because he thought Dave would be a good supporter of education.

I am a grass-roots organizer for the Massachusetts Teachers Association and support of education is a primary qualification for a candidate I might support. Dave listened and asked all the right questions during our first meeting and followed up with a couple of phone calls after that.

He has always been available to listen to me and other educators and is generally supportive of our legislative priorities. Dave is a supporter of public education and is endorsed by the Massachusetts Teachers Association.

Dave is active at the state and local level in supporting environmental protection and criminal justice reform which are two more of my priority issues. He has participated in local events for these causes and supported related legislation. I very much appreciate his keeping me up to date on his work and the status of my priority causes.

Rogers has always listened to the concerns and suggestions of his constituents and follows through with relevant legislation. I am glad to have him represent me and I hope he will continue to do so.

This letter was published Friday, July 31, 2020.

Robin Zeitz of Fairmont Street, Precinct 4, submitted this letter to the editor.

I am very happy to be a constituent of Dave Rogers (24th Middlesex District of the Massachusetts House of Representatives).

I’ve had multiple opportunities over the past years to reach out to Dave and have had substantive and thoughtful conversations about prospective legislation. We might not always agree on specifics, but he is a careful listener and willing to consider different perspectives. He is very deliberative and engaged, and I appreciate his process.

I have found we generally agree on my key issues concerning health-care reform and a broad array of racial-justice concerns. I value Dave’s leadership and his ability to work with his colleagues on a range of issues, including defending reproductive rights and providing environmental protections. I have learned much from him about our legislative process.

On Monday evening, July 20, Dave eagerly participated in a Zoom forum that I helped organize concerning police accountability reform, health-care reform, extension of the Covid-19 eviction/foreclosure moratorium and decarceration. In the midst of lengthy and stressful House sessions, he took the time to communicate with me on several occasions in advance of this meeting -- by electronic media as well as phone, including calling me on his cell phone when he was driving, en route to conduct House business. He provided his frank assessment of factors affecting the passage of the legislation.

At the Zoom meeting, Dave was moved by two personal stories: We heard of outrageous police harassment faced by Arlington and Belmont residents. He voiced his concern that such racial profiling was continuing to take place. He expressed his strong commitment to passing police accountability legislation before the current legislative session ends and to continuing his racial-justice advocacy. I also appreciate receiving his periodic State House updates newsletters via email. The information provided on state legislation, vote by mail, and state and local resources during the coronavirus pandemic is timely and valuable.

I know I can count on Dave when it most matters. I encourage you to join me in voting for him at the Sept. 1 primary and the Nov. 3 general election.

This letter was published Saturday, July 25, 2020.

 Lenard Diggins, a member of the Arlington Select Board, submitted this letter.

To the point: I like Dave Rogers, and I hope that I have a chance to continue working with him as the state rep for Middlesex District 24.

Dave does not represent the precinct in which I live, but I experienced several very favorable impressions of him while I was campaigning for a seat on Arlington’s Select Board. Back in January, February and March, I would see Dave at nearly every public event that I attended, and we would chat during lulls in activity. What quickly became apparent in his conversations with me and those that I overheard with others is his deep knowledge about many issues and his good grasp of how government works, both formally and informally, on all levels.

Both his life history and his eight years as a state rep has given him much valuable experience that has already benefited Arlington in tangible and meaningful ways. He understands the value of creating and nurturing good relationships with people. When I’ve spoken with Dave, I’ve always come away feeling that he is genuine guy who gave me honest and practical responses.
Given that we will have to continue dealing with some extremely challenging times due to the pandemic, it will be good for Arlington and the region to have Dave doing more of what he has proven himself to be so good at doing: working effectively with others to create solutions

Please vote for David Rogers in the state primary elections on Sept. 1.

This letter was published Thursday, July 23, 2020, and updated Aug. 19.

Elaine Shea, of Lincoln Street a Precinct 10 resident, submitted this letter.

It was eight years ago that I first met Dave Rogers. He rang my doorbell when he was running for state representative. He wanted to talk to me, but particularly with my husband, Bill, because of the many years he served on town committees. I told him that Bill was very sick and it was not a good time.

Bill heard me and asked who it was. "Have him come in,” he called from his chair. Dave came in and spent the next hour learning about the ins and out of Arlington politics. Bill was very impressed with how intently Dave listened and his commitment to do his best for our town. Whenever I ran into Dave after Bill died, he made a point to tell me how invaluable that meeting was and how grateful he was to Bill for sharing his time and wisdom.

Over the years, I have been pleased to regularly see Dave at town events and to know he is always available by email or phone. He immerses himself in important issues such as racial and economic justice and has been very active in pressing for major police reform. His monthly newsletter is full of information about the State House and issues that impact Arlington. He recently was active in procuring $100,000 for Arlington through a state budget relief program and also helped pass a Pregnant Worker’s Fairness Act.

There is no question in my mind that Arlington is very lucky to have Dave Rogers as our State Representative. He is a man of integrity and a very warm and caring human being. I am grateful for his service. Please join me in voting for Dave in the upcoming primary.

This letter was published Wednesday, July 22, 2020.

Alan Linov of Colonial Drive submitted this letter to the editor.

I have been very glad to have Dave Rogers representing me and the other residents of the 24th Middlesex district in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

I care a lot about climate protection, racial justice, reproductive rights, public transportation and housing affordability, and Dave has been out front or strongly supportive of progress on all of those issues. He understands that we need bold and rapid changes to protect our climate, and he has sponsored and strongly advocated for legislation that aims to transition Massachusetts to a clean, sustainable economy.

He was an early and strong supporter of the ROE Act, which is now before the Legislature, and would ensure access to abortion in Massachusetts and remove some existing harmful barriers to abortion health services. When his colleagues Kay Kahn and Liz Miranda proposed a bill to reduce racial disparities in maternal health, he signed on as a cosponsor. It has been very easy to communicate with Dave about issues of concern to me.

When I’ve reached out to him by phone or email, he’s always gotten back to me quickly. In conversations, I’ve appreciated that he listens well and gives thoughtful responses, being frank about his views and sharing insights about how he can work within the legislative system. I got on his email list for his periodic State House updates newsletters to constituents, and I have appreciated the clear and thorough explanations he has given about important legislation, along with news about developments in state government and events in our community.

Rogers’ actions make it clear that, in his mind, his job as a representative is to serve his constituents and provide a better future for the people of Massachusetts. I encourage all voters in the portion of Arlington Dave represents (precincts 2, 4, 8, 10 and 12) to vote for him in the Sept. 1 primary and in the Nov. 3 general election.

This letter was published Friday, July 17, 2020.

Adam MacNeill of Melrose Street, a Precinct 4 Town Meeting member, submitted this letter to the editor.

In the five years since I moved to Arlington and into Dave Rogers's district, he has repeatedly proven himself in both the progressive legislation that he has worked toward passing and in his consistent constituent engagement, including the sometimes overlooked but absolutely vital role of active listening.

He is a leader in the Legislature on climate change and environmental protection. For the 2017-2018 legislative session, he tied for the Environmental League of Massachusetts's eighth highest score across the 160-member State House, and in the current session he has either sponsored or cosponsored bills that set renewable-energy goals, fund wind-energy production and other efforts to actualize those goals, create a carbon tax, mandate environmental justice, promote sustainable public transportation and reduce physical waste.

Rep. Rogers continues to strongly support criminal-justice reform, including both the omnibus bill passed into law in 2018 and multiple bills this session regarding policing. He currently sponsors bills enhancing the right to record police and establishing the right to relief against racially motivated or other protected class-motivated police calls, and he cosponsors bills requiring reporting officer-involved injuries and deaths and comprehensively defining and banning excessive force.

He has also led in the Legislature's response to the Covid-19 pandemic, including on equitable health coverage, PPE availability, housing stability and increasing funding to combating homelessness and voting by mail, led in funding and modernizing public education, and has received a 100-percent score from the voting rights and citizen-rights group MassPIRG and the highest possible "championship" ranking from Planned Parenthood of Massachusetts.

Beyond legislation, Rep. Rogers is an active member of the Arlington community. He very regularly attends community events, many of which he attends just to listen without necessitating a speaking role, and holding frequent office hours.

When he does take a speaking role, he consistently uses that position to educate not only bill and initiative specifics, but on the processes and "hows" involved. Personally, I have gotten to know him quite incidentally, as we repeatedly crossed paths at events and even small committee meetings that many legislators would skip, and I have always come away impressed by his accessibility and dedication.

This letter was published Sunday, July 12, 2020.

Jennifer Roderick of Pioneer Road submitted the following letter to the editor:

As a longtime resident of East Arlington, I enthusiastically support state Rep. Dave Rogers for reelection. I have found Dave to be informed, thoughtful and exceptionally responsive to his constituents. Arlington is fortunate to have him represent us in the 24th Middlesex District.

Dave is a strong progressive who fights for social and economic justice. A former prosecutor for the EPA’s criminal division, he is now an experienced leader on environmental issues here in the Bay State. He has successfully pushed for sweeping legislation that adds $2.4 billion in state funding for environmental protection and climate-change adaptation. He has also sponsored major multistate offshore wind procurement, which will reduce emissions, create jobs and lower energy costs.

We can count on Dave to stand up for women’s rights. He is a champion of the Roe Act, which would dismantle unnecessary barriers to ensure that abortion is safe, legal and fully accessible for all in Massachusetts. He authored and passed the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, a new civil right for pregnant women that protects them from workplace discrimination. He advocated for the Massachusetts Pay Act, a breakthrough policy that prohibits wage discrimination based on gender.

Dave maintains close ties with his constituents. When I go to a community event in Arlington, Dave is there -- advocating for a new high school, speaking out against development of the Mugar Wetlands, even participating in our annual AEF Trivia Bee. He stands with Arlington residents who took to the streets to say Black Lives Matter. And when Donald Trump makes incendiary comments like “when the looting starts, the shooting starts,” Dave rightly condemns the president’s words as racist and hateful.

I hope you will join me in voting for Dave Rogers in the Massachusetts State Democratic Primary on Sept. 1. Now more than ever, we need his experience, knowledge and passion on Beacon Hill.

This letter was published Wednesday, July 8, 2020.

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