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17 writers offer reasons to vote for Markey

Cynthia Tollen of Fairmont Street submitted this letter.

Edward MarkeyMarkey

Ageism is alive and well in Massachusetts, especially as practiced by Joe Kennedy in his attempt to unseat Sen. Ed Markey. Ageism is "prejudice or discrimination based on a person's age." One example is losing a job because of one's age. Rep. Kennedy offers no justification for his run other than his relative youth and family name. His recent misleading PAC ads have brought his campaign to a new low.

Joe claims that he is not running on the family name, but he refers to his family whenever possible. He also asserts that the politics of the past 50 years have failed. That would include his uncle, Ted Kennedy and his father, Joe Kennedy II. Is he saying that they failed, too? Representative, you can't have it both ways.

Sen. Markey and introduced the Green New Deal to Congress, but what exactly does this provide? While not limited to the following, the proposal includes:

1.) Commitment to meeting power demand in the U.S. through clean and renewable and zero-emission energy;
2.) Overhauling transportation systems to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions;
3.) Guaranteeing a job with a family sustaining wage, adequate family and medical leave;
4.) Strengthening and protecting the rights of workers;
5.) Protecting the rights of indigenous people to have informed consent for decisions that affect them, honoring all treaties and enforcing sovereignty and land rights;
6.) Providing all people in the U.S. with high-quality affordable health care, and access to clean water and air.

This is just a sampling; there is much more.

Ed Markey is one of the most productive senators our state has ever known. He has been a leader in disability rights, going back to his work to pass the ADA, and he introduced the 21st-century Communications and Video Accessibility Act, signed by President Obama. He has written more than 500 bills.

Any discrimination is reprehensible, but Joe Kennedy is taking it to a new low. As Michelle Obama says, "when they go low we go high," and that's exactly what Sen. Markey is doing. He deserves to be reelected based on his outstanding record.

This letter was published Saturday, Aug. 29, 2020.

Ed Schwartz of Robin Hood Road submitted this letter.

Ed Markey has been a strong voice for progressive issues throughout his long career in the House and Senate. For me, the key issue is the environment. I believe that the environment is closely tied to many other progressive concerns, such as poverty, equality and racism. As an older man, I care deeply about the world that I am leaving to those who will follow me. My daughter and granddaughters fully understand that continuing to ignore the consequences of climate change will have a catastrophic impact on their lives and those of their generation.

We have known for decades that climate change is real and an existential threat to human life on this planet. It is impossible to ignore the changes caused by our continuing emission of greenhouse gases. We are experiencing more powerful storms, more severe droughts, bigger forest fires, shrinking glaciers, rising sea levels, and more flooding in coastal cities. Even what used to be the frozen tundra is thawing and burning.

Ed Markey has been a strong and consistent leader in advancing legislation to address environmental issues. He has led on eliminating nuclear testing, clean air, clean water, hazardous waste sites and vehicle mileage standards to mention a few.

Over his long legislative career, Markey, has crafted and formed coalitions that passed much of the environmental legislation that we now are fortunate to have. He has been a longstanding advocate for the environment generally and for legislation to combat climate change specifically. At this point he is the co-author of the most significant legislation on the agenda now, The Green New Deal, to address climate change by moving the country toward a fairer clean energy future. It’s no surprise that Ed Markey has been endorsed by major environmental groups.

We need Ed Markey in the Senate for his deep knowledge of environmental issues and his passion to combat this climate crisis. For the future of the planet and of all of our children and grandchildren, I ask you to join me in voting in the Democratic primary on Sept. 1 to keep Ed Markey in the Senate.

This letter was published Thursday, Aug. 20, 2020.

Dr. Carole E. Allen, and Thomas Allen of Beverly Road submitted this letter.

For the Democratic primary on Sept. 1, we hope you will join us in casting votes for Sen. Ed Markey’s reelection.

During the decades that we have known Ed Markey, he has fought hard and skillfully in support of our values. In both the House and the Senate, he has addressed nuclear disarmament, climate change, access to health care, internet privacy, reproductive freedom, gun control, protection of children and LGBTQ equity. We find Ed to be savvy and approachable. His vast experience working within Congress, and his leadership on these important issues, have demonstrably benefited Massachusetts residents.

As a pediatrician and health-policy expert, Carole has had many occasions to meet with Sen. Markey and his staff to advocate for child health issues. He mentors his staffers to be knowledgeable and engaged.

In 2007 the American Academy of Pediatrics presented him with the Excellence in Public Service award from the for his work to assure safety of medications and medical devices for children. In recent years he has worked to maintain and enhance funding for CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program), a program that has become even more important now in providing insurance coverage for children whose parents are struggling financially under Covid. In addition, Ed has steadfastly supported a woman’s right to choose the reproductive alternatives that make most sense for her and her family.

It is absurd to maintain that Senator Markey doesn’t adequately represent Massachusetts citizens because he spends much time in Washington. While there he is doing our bidding, working to make our country safer and more equitable. The coronavirus epidemic has demonstrated that access does not depend on place. And we find no politician more representative of Massachusetts than Ed Markey. He deserves reelection; please join us in voting for him.

This letter was published Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2020.

Catherine Farrell and Steven Wofsy of Park Street submitted this letter.

We want to keep Ed Markey in the Senate. We want him to continue his advocacy to address climate change. He is co-author of the Green New Deal, which aims to stop climate change and address economic inequality.

Markey has a long history of promoting energy efficiency and protecting the environment. In 1987, he co-authored legislation that made household appliances more energy efficient. The law in 2007 that raised fuel efficiency standards for cars was written by Markey.

Markey has also been a leader on nuclear arms control. He was a key sponsor of the Nuclear Freeze campaign in the House in the 1980s. This year the Trump administration discussed whether to conduct the first nuclear test since 1992. In response, Markey introduced legislation to block a restarting of nuclear-weapons testing.

On preventing gun violence, in 2019 Markey co-authored the legislation that secured $25 million for gun-violence research, which had not been done since 1996.

Markey has also fought to protect immigrants and refugee communities from Trump’s bigoted policies. He is a co-sponsor of legislation to allow persons that have Temporary Protected Status to apply for lawful permanent residency.

And finally, Markey has been a leader on telecommunications and technology. In 2004, he introduced legislation that would require service providers to treat all internet communications equally.

We need to keep Ed Markey in the Senate to continue to fight for us.

This letter was published Monday, Aug. 17, 2020.

Adam MacNeill of Melrose St., a Precinct 4 Town Meeting member, submitted this letter.

Ed Markey has been a very good, progressive senator, and Massachusetts would do well to reelect him this year.  Markey combines a long history of successful advocacy and legislation across issues with bold visions for the future.  Markey has laurels upon which to rest -- but, instead of resting so, he continues to throw himself, workmanlike, into the fray.

And, as a personal note, I am overjoyed to see that I am not close to being the youngest person writing to the editor on this -- as someone in my mid-20s, I almost always find myself the youngest person in the room (or Zoom call) by a decade or more!  Markey and AOC's comprehensive Green New Deal embraces and is embraced by the energy of the generation directly younger than myself. I cannot overstate how important it is that we continue to wholeheartedly support that movement.

Markey, of course, is much more than just co-author of the Green New Deal, though the bill is a natural capstone to a lifetime of climate leadership and progressive, forward-thinking economics. Very relevant to our Facebook and Fox News-as-state-media environment, Markey has a long history of supporting public broadcasting and breaking up telecommunication monopolies, and he is one of the few national political figures continuing to focus on 'net neutrality. Similarly, Markey leads on improving public education and on federal research in science and technology, including yearly prioritizing increased funding for NIH disease research.

As fitting for his environmental background, Markey has achieved numerous successes in reducing consumer and resident exposure to long-term toxins, a severely underheralded factor in public health. As a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Markey continues to tackle massive and interwoven issues, prioritizing efforts to solve and alleviate international climate change, poverty and regional instability, and nuclear proliferation.  Markey has long led on human-rights issues internationally and at home even when unpopular, as in the case of his support for LGBTQ+ rights in the Massachusetts and U.S. Houses long before public opinion turned that way.

Markey's combination of significant success and progressive visions ensures that he will continue to make Massachusetts proud if reelected; therefore, let's reelect him!

This letter was published Monday, Aug. 17, 2020.

Stanley Pollack of Grandview Road submitted this letter.

The man challenging Sen. Ed Markey is right about one obvious thing: There is a new generation coming up. My guess is that this generation is one that doesn't vote based on family name and heritage, but on the commitment to a set of values and beliefs that promote a more just and equitable future for all people. In this challenge to another progressive Democrat, Ed Markey, Joe Kennedy III appears to assume that higher office is his birthright, and he is using his position of generational privilege to put his interests above those of the nation that he says he cares so much about.

His campaign ads suggest that his election would move our country closer to achieving universal health care and environmental and racial justice, when he knows full well that progress on these issues depends on the Democrats taking over the majority in the Senate. However, his campaign is actively impeding this goal by diverting resources and attention to his own race, trying to unseat a respected, progressive Democrat, who has been a powerful voice for these very things.

All over this state, and even beyond, people who have long felt allegiance to the Kennedy name may be wasting their time, energy and resources supporting this candidacy, rather than focusing on electing Sarah Gideon to replace Susan Collins in Maine and working on other vital races where Democrats have a chance to win new seats in the Senate and establish a Democratic Senate majority. Furthermore, by using attack ads paid for by his family’s considerable fortune to besmirch the reputation of Ed Markey, Kennedy has damaged his own credibility.

Returning Ed Markey to the Senate will not only provide support for a man who has served the people with integrity for many years and continues to this day to take courageous stands for the good of humanity, but it will also send the message that putting personal ambition above the common good will not be rewarded, regardless of pedigree.

This letter was published Monday, Aug. 17, 2020.

Mary Fusoni of Grandview Road submitted this letter.

Remember Superstorm Sandy? It roared up the East Coast in October 2012, causing massive damage in several states. In New York City, Lower Manhattan was flooded, the subway system was crippled, 43 people died, a community in Queens was destroyed. We were lucky in the Boston area; the storm hit, but not that badly.

I remember it mainly because the Sunday after Sandy, Congressman Ed Markey came to Arlington Town Hall. This was an emergency meeting, called to alert us to the dangers of climate change in the wake of Sandy’s devastation. Rep. Markey had charts and maps showing what might have happened to Boston and surrounding communities if that storm had taken a slightly different course. It was frightening, and it has stayed with me. It was clear that Rep. Markey was immersed in and passionate about climate science and about action to save our city, our world, all of us from the effects of climate change.

That’s one of the reasons I plan to get my ballot in the mail in time for the Sept. 1 primary election, to cast my vote for now-Sen. Markey’s bid for reelection. Also standing in commitment to Sen. Markey are the young environmental activists of the Sunrise Movement.

It hurts my heart to think of the message it will send to these youthful activists if the leading voice in Congress for action on climate change -- the co-sponsor, alongside Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, of the Green New Deal -- is not able to continue his work due to a primary challenge from another Democrat who has not distinguished himself on this issue. I’m with Sen. Cory Booker who, in his endorsement of Ed Markey, calls him “one of the most respected voices for progressive change in all of Washington.” Ed Markey has done the work for justice, health care, equal internet access, saving the planet and other issues important to me -- and he is ready to do more.

Some speak about their support for Sen. Markey’s opponent in terms like “a hunger for change.” I’ve been to recent Black Lives Matter protests, as well as many others in my lifetime, but I recall that my first protest was at my Catholic girls’ high school in 1960, when we were forbidden to “break the uniform” by wearing tiny buttons supporting John Kennedy for president. I voted for Ted Kennedy each time he ran for Senate, including his last run when he was the age Ed Markey is now.

I would not change any of those votes, because, as Markey says, it’s not your age but the age of your ideas that counts. But the “hunger for change” I hope to see satisfied is that Massachusetts voters will break the tradition of clearing the way for a Kennedy whenever he chooses to run for office. How I wish that this Kennedy had chosen to leverage his political capital in helping to elect more Democrats to the Senate, something we desperately need after years of Mitch McConnell calling all the shots. Instead, he is challenging an excellent senator who deserves another term to continue his good work. Ed Markey has earned my vote and he’ll get it, by mail, by Sept. 1.

This letter was published Friday, Aug. 14, 2020.

Herb Rosenbluth of Webcowet Road submitted this letter.

I strongly support Ed Markey for another term in the Senate. He served us well for many years when he was a member of the House and he has done the same as our senator. I believe Joe Kennedy has more concern with his political future than with serving the people of Massachusetts.

If Kennedy wanted to help the people of the Commonwealth, he would be spending his time, money and energy to unseat Trump and the Republicans who control the Senate.

I prefer supporting a senator like Markey, who works for the people, than a would-be senator, who works to further his career.

This letter was published Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2020.

Genevieve Baldwin of Summer Street, a member of the Arlington High School class of 2021, submitted this letter.

I am a senior at Arlington High School, and my summer plans were turned upside down by the pandemic. I didn't expect to be home all summer, but I'm very glad that if I had to be home, I could do something as important and meaningful as volunteering for Senator Ed Markey's reelection campaign.

A lot of people may be surprised that so many students and young voters are supporting Sen. Markey over his younger challenger. But so many of us are deeply committed to the issues and causes that he has been working on for decades, and we firmly believe he is the best person to tackle the challenges that matter most to young people in Massachusetts.

The Sunrise Movement, a global/national youth movement for climate justice, Sunrise Boston, and the Arlington Sunrise hub have endorsed Markey, along with many other organizations working on the climate crisis. We are informed and mobilized and we've been making good use of our quarantine summer to get involved in this important primary and host regular virtual phone-banking parties for the Markey campaign.

This week students for Markey got #Markeychusetts trending on Twitter and other social media where we teenagers like to hang out, and this is all because we think that we need a guy like Markey to help Massachusetts continue to lead the way in Congress. We need someone with a long, consistent record of supporting and drafting progressive legislation; we need the co-author of the Green New Deal; we need the son of a milkman from Malden who fights for every person in Massachusetts and the rest of America.

Some of us young people will be voting for the first time in this election cycle and some of us aren't old enough yet. We are asking Arlington voters to join us in supporting Ed Markey, and listen to youth voices with your vote in the Sept. 1 primary.

This letter was published Monday, Aug. 3, 2020.

Clarissa Rowe of Herbert Road, East Arlington, a former member of what was called the Board of Selectmen, submitted this letter.

Sen. Ed Markey has been a good legislator for the people of Massachusetts for a long time.

He has fought for us in his fights against the telecommunication giants. He has fought for car safety and for consumer protections. He has fought to rein in the big banks. He has fought to provide healthcare for families. Most important, during this pandemic, he has stood up to the Republicans in the Senate to give working people relief.

His work on the Green New Deal is a road map for the future. To get us out of this economic depression, we will need a lot of new jobs for people. Green energy jobs will help us gain a foothold again. We need to be fighting climate change in a real way and start building up our environmental protections again.

During my years as an elected official, I was able to reach out to him and his staff for help with problems that needed a federal response. He was always an available and willing partner for the Town of Arlington. He is articulate, funny, and humble. Humility is not a quality of his opponent.

Our country is a shambles. This is no time to gamble. Vote for Ed. I plan to, and so does my family.

This letter was published Monday, Aug. 3, 2020.

Paul Schlichtman of Mystic Street, a member of the Arlington Democratic Town Committee and the Arlington School Committee, submitted this letter.

For friends and neighbors in Arlington, Ed Markey is a familiar face. When he was our congressman, he would find joy in marching in our Patriots Day parade. As a School Committee member, I enjoyed the opportunity to stroll down the avenue with him. The walk was filled with good humor and stories of his work in Washington.

I saw the more serious side of Ed Markey when I went to Washington, lobbying with a group of Massachusetts School Committee members. Ed always had the best legislative aides, all deeply immersed in public policy. Ed, himself, is the type of legislator who grabs hold of critical, under the radar issues, and masters the details in order to move public policy.

Because he is a workhorse, Ed is not as well-known as other statewide figures. This places our senator vulnerable to a challenge from an unremarkable congressman with a well-known and highly respected family name.

The Kennedy name could have fueled a progressive challenge to Gov. Charlie Baker in 2018. The Kennedy name could have overcome the governor’s popularity veneer, and Gov. Joseph P. Kennedy III could have moved a more progressive agenda through our mostly inert state Legislature. Sadly, Joe Kennedy chose to bypass the challenge of replacing a Republican governor, but was compelled to challenge a progressive leader in the U.S. Senate. Why?

In a year we urgently need to focus on removing Donald Trump and his Republican enablers in the U.S. Senate, Joe Kennedy’s primary challenge is consuming millions of dollars and countless volunteer hours for a primary that won’t flip a seat or change control of the senate. We still don’t have the answer to the critical question at the center of Kennedy’s campaign. Why?

Since Democrats took control of the House of Representatives, we have seen talented legislators using their platforms to move public opinion and public policy. We have seen newcomers Katie Porter, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley emerge as bold, effective legislators and advocates. Joe Kennedy? Not so much.

Joe Kennedy hasn’t earned a promotion, and there’s no compelling case for him to replace Ed Markey. Ed Markey is the visionary, hard-working senator we need and deserve, especially if we gain a Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate. His passion for public policy, and attention to detail, will be tremendous assets as we restore our democracy and repair the damage inflicted by the Trump administration.

Please join me in reelecting Sen. Ed Markey in the Democratic primary. Vote by mail or in person. Your primary ballot is due in the clerk’s office Tuesday, Sept. 1.

This letter was published Sunday, Aug. 2, 2020.

Alice Trexler and Downing Cless of Spy Pond Lane submitted this letter to the editor.

We strongly support Ed Markey in the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate. Things aren’t normal, and it’s not just that our planet is rapidly warming. Our country is fragmenting, and it’s not just that injustice toward black and brown citizens increases daily.

Our democracy has reached a tipping point. We need Sen. Markey with his many years in the House and now Senate. His work involves a vast sweep of issues, intricate knowledge of Washington, an army of allies, and legislative achievement. He has represented us with great compassion and energy.

Markey left the U.S. House as champion of nuclear nonproliferation and a leader on environmental issues. As a Senator, he wrote the Green New Deal with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and has been a strong defender of net neutrality. (More policy details: To elaborate on one issue: his push for jobs and the economy are well-represented in the Green New Deal framework. With origins in the working class of Malden, his perspectives serve the widest mix of our population. It’s a really bad time and a bad idea to toss all that aside for a less experienced candidate.

Markey’s support is widespread. He won 100 percent of Arlington’s state Democratic convention delegates in the February caucus and 70 percent statewide, gaining an endorsement from the Mass. Democratic Party. He is also endorsed by the majority of Mass. environmental groups, including the youth-led Sunrise Movement. Large activist groups, such as Indivisible and Progressive Mass, are on the Markey team, and the majority of the Mass. congressional delegation support him, including Elizabeth Warren. He has a dozen union endorsements, including the American Federation of Teachers. There are too many others to mention.

Markey’s proven legislative prowess and endorsements are such that his reelection should be a shoo-in; however, we believe that the name recognition, money and privilege of his challenger is what makes this a competitive primary. Let’s get Markey on the road to a second full term of Senate service for Massachusetts and for our democracy. Regardless of the presidential election, Ed Markey is the 2020 Mass. Senate candidate demanded by our times. His prolific and progressive work in the Senate must continue, so join us in voting for Markey in the Sept. 1 primary.

This letter was published Monday, July 27, 2020.

Hannah Simon of Webcowet Road submitted this letter to the editor.

I recently participated in two meetings that featured Sen. Ed Markey. As I listened to him talk and answer questions, I was heartened by his enthusiasm, his energy, his excitement about what he would accomplish in Washington D.C. once the Senate is under control of the Democrats. He is a member of these committees: Environment and Public Works; Commerce, Science and Transportation; Foreign Relations as well as Small Business and Entrepreneurship. And he is looking forward to coming back with the seniority which gives this progressive leader a greater voice in formulating legislation.

I have kept track of Markey’s activities since the days he was my congressman and have been continually impressed by the amount of work he puts into staying informed and up-to-date in developments on the issues I care about, such as the climate crisis, nuclear proliferation and safety, income inequality, reproductive rights, LBGQT rights, criminal-justice reform and many others. I see this in his Tweets, in his communications and especially in meetings where he answers all questions from us with the broad and deep knowledge that comes from making the effort to study each issue on an ongoing basis.

He continued his efforts, and remained optimistic and engaged, despite the fact that since his first full term, the Senate has been under the control of a Republican majority leader who has not allowed any significant legislation to come to the Senate floor. I am voting for him on Sept. 1 because I know he will do a great job in a Democratic Senate in 2021. Please join me.

This letter was published Thursday, July 23, 2020.

Peggy Gardiner of Menotomy Rocks Drive submitted this letter to the editor.

This past winter on a very cold day, I went with a group of Arlington youth to a rally in Boston to support climate action and the Green New Deal. Our group went early so as not to miss anything.

When we arrived at Copley Square, we were met by Sen. Ed Markey. He was eager to meet the youth and to support the Sunrise Movement and their concerns for the environment. There were no reporters. Ed Markey was there to encourage the youth to organize around issues of climate, the pipelines and the Green New Deal. He seemed excited to have youth organizing and speaking out on issues that he has worked on for decades.

Fast-forward to today, and he is as active and creative as ever. Markey is supporting the Covid-19 relief package. He is supporting those who work in grocery stores and on the front lines helping them to get fair compensation and necessary protective equipment as they work long hours in stressful situations.

He speaks out on immigrants’ rights. He advocates for universal prekindergarten education, and programs to fight childhood obesity. He takes a sensible approach to opening schools while the coronavirus ravages our country. He supports Black Lives Matter.

Markey is a long-distance runner making our lives better by speaking out and championing the important issues of today. I urge you to join me in voting for the senator.

This letter was published Friday, July 17, 2020.

Barbara Goodman of Walnut Street, Arlington, submitted this letter to the editor.

There are two good Democrats vying for one of our state’s two U.S. Senate seats. Only one has a track record of effective leadership on issues that are crucial to our time and to our future.

Ed Markey’s record on the environment, energy and climate is unsurpassed. He authored bills setting fuel-efficiency standards for vehicles and home appliances. He initiated laws that have reduced emissions that cause global warming. He coauthored the Waxman-Markey bill, the only climate legislation to pass a chamber of Congress. More recently, with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, he coauthored "The Green New Deal" -- a bold transformation of the economy to tackle the twin causes of inequality and climate change.

Markey’s work in the area of technology and telecommunications is unparalleled. He wrote the Telecommunication Act of 1994, which overhauled a 60-year-old law. That Act accelerated the private sector’s involvement in the telecommunication markets. It also established the “E-Rate” program, which funds technology for schools and libraries in poorer communities. In addition. he sponsored the Children's Television Act that required stations to offer educational programs with limited advertising. In 2005, he introduced the Net Neutrality Bill that would ensure free and open internet access for all.

Markey was an original cosigner of the Medicaid for All Act sponsored by Sen. Bernie Sanders. He successfully lobbied to ensure that his Care at Home Act was included in the Affordable Care Act. Now, if they so choose, seniors can receive comprehensive medical treatment at home. In 2018, well before the current coronavirus crisis, Markey secured funding for the National Institutes of Health to develop a universal flu vaccine. In addition, he has been a tireless advocate for funding research in Alzheimer’s disease and in finding cures for rare childhood disorders.

Markey, along with Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley and others, initiated hearings that focused public attention on Trump’s order to deport seriously ill immigrants who were in the U.S. to receive specialized medical care. In response, Trump reversed his decision. Markey has also been at the forefront working to pass the DREAM Act and allow the dreamers a clear path to citizenship, and the SECURE Act, which would allow qualified Temporary Protected Status recipients to apply for lawful permanent residency.

With Sen. Cory Booker, Markey cosponsored legislation to study and develop reparation proposals for African Americans. More recently, he sponsored a resolution to abolish “qualified immunity” that gave police protection for abuse in their use of force.

Other politicians may get more press, but Ed Markey gets the job done.

The state primary election is Sept. 1. Please vote for Ed Markey.

This letter was published Tuesday, July 14, 2020.

Dr. Peter Braun of Parker Road, Arlington, submitted this letter to the editor:

It is difficult to find an area of importance in our lives where Sen. Edward Markey has not made a vital contribution.

From my vantage point as a founder of the Mystic River Watershed Association, Markey’s leadership in addressing climate change and protection of the environment stands high on the list. Sen. Markey co-wrote the Green New Deal, which not only lays out the environmental agenda for our future, but provides a sound basis for good new jobs and a healthier foundation for a post-Covid, postrecession economy. Economic recovery and climate change will be at the heart of the legislative agenda in the next Congress, and Sen. Markey will be a key figure in the work of realizing change.

Sen. Markey, in his support of net neutrality, has been a leader in providing privacy protection for medical and financial records, has been an outspoken critic of federal attempts to curtail access to abortion, and has introduced and fought for bills to reduce the epidemic of gun violence authoring the Making America Safe and Secure Act. He has been a leader in the movement for nuclear nonproliferation and the national Nuclear Freeze movement.

While in the House of Representatives, Sen. Markey also served as a senior member of the Homeland Security Committee. In that capacity, he focused on closing gaps in our homeland defenses, particularly in the areas of nuclear, aviation, maritime, liquefied natural gas and chemical security.

We in Massachusetts are privileged to have leadership in the U.S. Senate in the tradition of the great leaders our state has sent to the Senate in the past. Edward Markey is a leader in the fights for workers’ rights, immigration and refugee rights and efforts to deal with the opioid crisis. He also has advocated for universal prekindergarten, increased online privacy protections for children, programs to fight childhood obesity and teen smoking, and fair access to affordable student loans.

Ed has cosponsored Sen. Corey Booker’s Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act, which establishes a commission to make recommendations of reparations proposals.  As his colleague Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon has written, “Ed’s not just on the right side of these fights; he’s on the front lines, leading the charge.”

Let us make certain that he remains on the front lines for us.

This letter was published Wednesday, July 1, 2020.

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