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4 writers spell out election support for Brazile

Submitting this letter were Zero Waste Arlington (ZWA) cochair Larry Slotnick, Precinct 7 Town Meeting member, and Priya Sankalia, past ZWA cochair, a Precinct 13 Town Meeting member.

Juliana H. Brazile, clerk candidate, 2020Brazile

When one gets involved in any organization, in particular town committees, one begins to see patterns in the participants. There are the complainers, the silent participants, the idea people, the listeners and the doers. When we became acquainted with Juli, upon joining the Recycling Committee, Juli checked off three of those attributes -- she has good ideas, listens and steps up to “do” the committee's work.

Although Juli has been on the Recycling Committee for 13 years, including 10 years as the cochair, she embraced the change of direction the committee took and helped guide us toward becoming Zero Waste Arlington. As newbies to a town committee we looked to Juli for direction on the workings of town government, and relied on her for her detailed knowledge of Arlington’s governance procedures.

Juli’s role as the chair of Envision Arlington has brought a good synergy between the two groups. Among the ideas that she brought to ZWA was to include questions in the 2020 town survey (which Juli manages) that address household waste and waste reduction. In 2019, Juli stepped up and worked hard on getting the polystyrene regulation through Town Meeting, collaborating with both the Board of Health and Town Counsel to help draft the bylaw.

A key role of Zero Waste Arlington is community outreach, and Juli was keenly involved. She managed the listserv and the Facebook group and was the first to sign up for tabling shifts, where she mentored us on talking to the public.

Juli always comes prepared to meetings and has practical solutions to the issues at hand. We are confident that she will bring her practical attitude to the role as town clerk. Juli’s years of successful voluntary service to Arlington, her “let’s get it done” attitude, and her knowledge of the workings of town government, all make her the perfect candidate for clerk.

We wholeheartedly endorse Juli for town clerk. Please join us in voting for her.

This letter was published Friday, May 22, 2020.

Sue Doctrow -- a Precinct 21 Town Meeting member, member of the Envision Arlington Standing Committee and former member of the Transportation Advisory Committee -- submitted this letter.

I’m excited about the opportunity to vote for Juli Brazile, a dynamic volunteer leader, as Arlington’s town clerk.

You can learn about Juli and her priorities for the Clerk’s office on her website ( and by watching the ACMi Town Clerk candidates debate ( As a 16-year resident, I’m in awe of our town’s volunteerism. Intelligent, thoughtful Arlington residents devote hours to crucial volunteer town roles, including on the Finance Committee, Town Meeting, and various boards and commissions.

Indeed, our Select Board and School Committee members are elected volunteers. Arlington’s volunteers are key players in our municipal government, collaborating closely with town employees. Juli’s history of community leadership and vision, along with her collegiality, make her an ideal choice for town clerk.

Juli has led in Arlington for decades, in key roles in four campaigns (2010–2019) to support school funding, as cochair of the Arlington Recycling Committee (2009–2016) and most recently, since 2014, as chairman of the Envision Arlington Standing Committee. A leader starts with a vision and with openness to including others in developing plans to make the vision a reality.

Leadership is not micromanaging specific functions but, instead, is looking holistically at a complex problem and then recruiting, guiding and motivating team members, each bringing special skills, to find solutions. Sincere respect for each individual’s contribution, whether they’re a volunteer or a paid town employee, is how a true leader motivates in a community like ours.

Juli has built relationships, based solidly on mutual respect, with town leaders and employees as well as members of other volunteer committees, boards, and commissions and, through her advocacy, with Arlington’s state house delegation. Her hard work, creativity, kindness, and interpersonal and organizational skills have earned her endorsements from many elected Arlington town leaders and other fellow residents.

Juli has deep knowledge of not only Arlington’s government but also, through leading complex, townwide community engagement efforts like the annual town survey, the needs of residents. The town clerk’s office is the primary interface between Arlington’s town government and its residents and Juli would lead it with great effectiveness, friendliness, and professionalism.

Please join me and vote for Juli Brazile as Town Clerk on June 6, or on your mail-in early voting ballot.

This letter was published Saturday, May 16, 2020.

Nora Mann, a Wollaston Avenue resident who is a former member of the Redevelopment Board, submitted this letter.

On June 6, in the midst of its response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Town of Arlington will hold its local election. Postponed from its original date, this election will be unprecedented. It is likely to be conducted with a significant number of early, mail-in ballots, and the campaigning will be largely virtual.

In a time of social distancing, there are no "coffees," nor will candidates be door-knocking to share their platforms and positions. But that doesn't mean it's not an important election. There are many contested races: I am writing in regard to the race for town clerk, one in which I am strongly supporting Juli Brazile.

Anyone who has been active in town in the last 30 years knows of Juli. Her untiring leadership of numerous campaigns for our school and town services, and most lately, her leadership of Envision Arlington put her in close touch with leadership and staff in Town Hall and give her a unique perspective on the needs of our community.

She is thoughtful, creative and deeply committed to making our clerk's office a place where the needs of each resident can be met with friendly, accurate and timely information: whether in person or online.

Through administering the town survey -- a hallmark of Envision Arlington -- Juli has a thorough understanding of how people interact with our town offices and what they need. She believes that voter education and access to the many services provided by the clerk's office -- including the business license you need to make a living, or the dog license you need to keep your pet and the community safe -- are available to everyone.

An engaged community is a strong community, and Juli is all about engagement between residents and their town. I have worked with Juli on many efforts on behalf of the town. She knows so much about how the town works, has tremendous relationships with the folks who make Town Hall run, including the volunteers, and she is exactly the person to take our town clerk's office to the next level.

I hope as you read this, you are healthy and safe. I hope, too, that you'll take a little time to learn more about the race and about Juli and that when you get your ballot you'll vote for Juliana Brazile for town clerk. Learn more at

This letter was published Saturday, May 9, 2020.

Josh Lobel, a Precinct 8 Town Meeting member and former Vision 2020 Standing Committee member, submitted this letter:

I’m writing to urge your support for Juli Brazile to be our next town clerk. I worked with Juli on the Standing Committee of Vision 2020 (Envision Arlington) as well as several other campaigns and have known her for many years.

We are fortunate that there are several capable people looking to fill this critical role, but these are the reasons why Juli has my vote:

  • She’s passionate about what she does. Juli doesn’t do things half way. When she tears into a problem, she solves it completely. And she’s not afraid to take on tough problems (like the boxes of documents in the Town Hall basement) and get the job done.
  • She’s tech savvy and competent. In all of our work together, I found Juli to be very organized, smart with her questions and able to master new skills quickly. She knows technology and she knows how to work with people.
  • She’s a strong leader, but also humble. Juli knows how to make decisions and how to listen to others to get to the right decisions. Although a strong leader needs to be confident, they don’t need to be arrogant, and Juli isn’t.
  • She’s good with people. The clerk has to work with lots of people, including all of the great people in the clerk’s office, the young couple looking for a marriage license and the older voter looking for an absentee ballot. I can’t think of a time that I’ve encountered Juli that she’s not smiling.
  • She will get the job done. It’s easy to take the clerk’s office for granted, but it actually faces some big challenges. Digitizing all of the historic records is a huge task. But so is figuring out how to let people vote in our new coronavirus world, making more of the office’s business available online, and working with the Moderator on any challenges that face Town Meeting.

The town clerk is a critical position in town, and I hope you’ll joining me in supporting Juli Brazile.

This letter was published Saturday, March 21.

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