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Why award-winning ACMi needs your bucks

ACMi needs your support. Here's why.

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If you have watched a government meeting or a local sports event, or if you attended a high school game or performance, or if you watched the Arlington cable-TV's national-award-winning news program, then you've seen what ACMi does so well -- provide high-quality programming that reflects the people, places and events of interest in and around Arlington.

In fact, did you know that ACMi News, for two years running, has won the award as the top community news operation in the country? ACMi wants to continue to provide you and the Town of Arlington with quality local programming.

However, the funding we receive from Arlington's three cable providers is drastically shrinking because more people are "cutting the cord" and subscribing to streaming services instead of cable. For 17 years, ACMi has depended entirely on the funding coming from cable subscriptions. 

So right now we need your help: Click here >>

News director explains

ACMi News Director Jeff Barnd explained his role and why supporting the station makes sense: "My job is among the most rewarding positions I’ve ever had in my broadcasting career, which has spanned more than four decades.

"Unlike commercial media -- 90 percent of which is controlled by just six giant corporations today, all of which answer solely to their stockholders -- at ACMi News, our sole commitment is to make sure Arlington residents are informed about what’s happening right here in town. We cover the environment, infrastructure, transportation, social justice, zoning, poverty, education, local business and government, and more.

"ACMi News is not simply an outlet that delivers the news to Arlington, however. I think of it as Arlington residents taking part in an interactive “town hall” -- raising concerns about the issues that directly affect this town and its people, digesting that information and ultimately acting upon it. ACMi News is a vital part of the robust public discourse that helps make our town the vibrant place it is…and THAT’S what you’ll be supporting with your donation."

Communications manager elaborates

James Milan, broadcast interviewer and communications manager at ACMi, added: "I have lived happily in Arlington since 1995. I know firsthand that it’s a great town in which to raise a family; to find compassionate people with a genuine desire to support others; to engage in thoughtful, vigorous conversation about important issues.

"ACMi reflects all those traits about our community, and more. I am truly proud of the value ACMi brings to Arlington in so many (often unnoticed) ways, and I know that my colleagues and I want nothing more, and nothing less, than to be able to continue to do so. Among other things, it just plain makes us feel good to support our community - we hope it will make you feel good to support ACMi."

In an email, ACMi leaders wrote: "Your support is crucial for us to provide you with high-quality, hyperlocal television programming and social-media content that you simply won't find anywhere else. 

"We hope that you take pride in that, and that you agree that ACMi is a community resource worth supporting. 

ACMi control room










"You can show that supportby donating in whatever amount makes sense for you, using any of the means listed below.

"Thank you in advance for your help."

Below are some easy ways to support ACMi:

Donate with a credit card or with PayPal

* Mail checks payable to “Arlington Community Media Inc.” 

* Venmo using this QR code: 


ACMi is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization, and your donation is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. 

For more info about ACMi, please visit:

85 Park Ave, Arlington

Call 781-777-1115

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This plea from ACMi was published Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2023.

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