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Remembering Ted, a town booster

Ted Peluso

Ted Peluso was the guy with the Brooklyn accent who spoke his mind at Town Meeting – about housing, communication, tourism, about any issue that he saw as a benefit to Arlington.

In 2007, he moved to The Legacy apartments, behind what was then Shanghai Village and the Computer Cafe. Both businesses are gone now, and so is Ted. Cancer took him Feb. 10 at age 91, and he was my friend.

Ted has his own legacy – service to Arlington – which began shortly after he moved here, having retired from a large New York City accounting firm as well as economic-development efforts in White Plains, N.Y.

He tried out his less-cautious, "New York-style" thinking at public sessions – and on me.

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Letters: Let public know what you think

YourArlington's policy about your views

UPDATED Feb. 6: YourArlington welcomes opinions of all kinds from local residents, including national issues so long as you can draw a local connection. For example, the war pitting Israel and Hamas must have echoes here, too. Closer to home, the town election is set for April 6, and Town Meeting follows. Letters are reviewed for fairness, factualness and taste.


Fact-based letters about Arlington issues are welcome. Length of such letters should be no more than 800 words.

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