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UPDATED April 3: The following is based on selected Arlington Police Department logs from March 19 through March 25. No arrests were reported.

Excerpts from the Arlington Police Department log:

Tuesday, March 19

9:06 a.m. – Animal Bite. A Stone Road resident called police to report that some time earlier he had been walking his dog on nearby Winchester Road when they were approached by another man with an unleashed mixed-breed dog that suddenly rushed forward and attacked them; the attacking dog's owner claimed his dog had somehow “broken loose.” The attacked dog reportedly suffered a leg injury and, according to the owner, trembled with fear when it was time for the next walk. An animal officer arrived, treated and tried to soothe the shaken dog -- and also went and verified that the attacking dog had had up-to-date rabies shots.

12:01 p.m. – Malicious Destruction of Property. A Charlton Street resident called police to report that her 2011 Ford Focus had been damaged in a hit-and-run incident in front of her house. Officers came and found only slight damage to her vehicle's front and side. The woman repeatedly stated she “knew in her heart” that a nearby construction operation was to blame. The officers answered that, unfortunately, they didn't have enough evidence to proceed on that basis.

Wednesday, March 20

8:30 a.m. – Accident without Injury. Road rage broke out at Churchill Avenue and Mass. Ave. after a man on a large tricycle held up traffic at a stop light. According to witnesses, a 2019 Chevrolet Impala advanced on the three-wheeler, honking the horn, as the two drivers railed at each other. The trike rider became enraged when he thought the Impala driver had tapped his vehicle, while the Impala driver expressed fury that the trike rider had appeared to step off his seat just before the light turned green, seemingly to stall traffic. The Impala driver finally swerved his car around the tricycle and screeched off, but soon circled back to deliver more invective. Officers tried to project a steadying presence. After checking out photos and even a video provided by witnesses, and, given the absence of damage or injury, they ultimately decided that there was no cause for a citation.

Thursday, March 21

8:23 a.m. – Fire Alarm/Hoarding. A Gordon Street resident heard a neighbor's fire alarm, thought she saw smoke and called 911. After police and fire crews arrived, fire personnel entered the neighbor's house to find an alarm blaring but no sign of smoke or fire. What they did find were large stacks and towers of cardboard boxes filled with miscellaneous, disorderly contents that clogged the halls and threatened to block exits. Fire officials firmly informed the homeowner that all the clutter would have to go. The matter was referred to the town’s Board of Health, which, Arlington Police Department spokesman Capt. Richard Flynn noted, offers all the necessary services and resources needed for such a situation.

3:36 p.m. – Larceny Under $1,200 by Single Scheme. An 89-year-old woman called police to report having received an email, purportedly from a member of her church, beseeching aid to deal with a personal emergency. Outlining specific instructions, the emailer demanded that she purchase a $300 Apple gift card and return the code numbers; the woman complied. However, when the same fake parishioner sent her an almost identical request a few days later, the woman grew suspicious and, after speaking to people she knew at her church, came to realize that the requests had been a scam. Flynn commented that townspeople need to protect each other by spreading the word. “Any stranger asking for gift card codes is almost certainly a phony and a scammer,” he said. “Everyone should know this.”

Friday, March 22

2:21 p.m. –Accident with Injury. Experiencing a sudden spell of “light-headedness,” a 96-year-old Medford man allegedly lost control of his Toyota Camry while motoring southbound on Lake Street. A witness told arriving police that he had seen the car strike a curb and rebound into traffic lanes before swerving back to the sidewalk, grazing a telephone pole and then finally plowing through bushes before stopping short of a front porch. Police and EMTs arrived to find the driver conscious and complaining of pain and cuts in his lower legs but otherwise uninjured. An ambulance brought the man to a local hospital for evaluation. Flynn added that, given his age, the man also will be formally evaluated by the courts as an imminent public threat and may stand to have his driving privileges permanently revoked.

Saturday, March 23

2:15 p.m. – Malicious Damage to a Motor Vehicle. A Sunnyside Avenue resident called to alert police that her 2003 Hyundai Kona had sustained heavy damage to its front bumper and headlights while parked in her driveway. While going over the matter with officers who came to inspect the damage, she allowed, “Well, it could have been my grandson; but he swears up and down he never took it.” After checking the driveway and finding no bits of broken glass or other debris, the officers concluded that the damage had occurred elsewhere and that the vehicle had been brought back and parked only afterward. After explaining the situation and stating that there was not much more the police could do, the officers moved on to answer other calls, leaving the woman with unanswered questions.

Sunday, March 24

12:40 a.m. – Motor Vehicle Larceny. An Arlington resident called police to report that her car allegedly had been stolen by a visitor to her home. The woman told police that she had gone to the Long Wharf area in Boston the previous night, where she met a man at a bar who said he was from “the Cape.” After getting to know each other over a number of rounds, they agreed to go by public transportation back to her home, where he reportedly stayed for the night. After sleeping late the next morning, awaking, finding the man gone and then “sleeping for most of the day,” the resident heard her phone ring. It was the State Police; she didn't pick up. However, when they called back, she answered and was told that her 2017 Toyota had been involved in a crash (location not given). After relating her story to an official and noticing that her keys and her car were both missing, she called APD to document the theft; however, the APD log gave no State Police details on the arrest status of the suspect or the extent of damage to her car. 

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This column by YourArlington volunteer writer Chris Wilbur was published Friday, March 29, 2024, based on information from Arlington Police Department daily logs and explanations from APD spokesman Capt. Richard Flynn, and edited slightly to remove some unnecessary detail April 2.