Great news, art and music lovers of drinking age! The Arlington Select Board has unanimously approved Arlington Brewing Company's pop-up taproom at Roasted Granola for the next several months, allowing for the provision of ABC's locally brewed beer to patrons 21 and over, starting tonight, Friday, Feb. 2.

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“Friday Nights at the Roasted Granola Café,” 1346 Mass. Ave., Arlington Heights, since last year typically has offered entertainment and food from 7 to 9 p.m. For a list of upcoming events for this month, see the venue's website page. During the day (Tuesdays through Sunday, 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.), Roasted Granola serves baked goods, smoothies, parfaits, soups, salads, coffee, tea and more, which are also available Friday nights.

Between Nov. 30 and Dec. 30, ABC offered its locally brewed beer at Roasted Granola Café’s “Friday Nights” and now plans to do likewise every Friday night through April. 

ABC co-founder Matt Guernsey told the board at its Jan. 22 meeting that its pop-up late last year was a resounding success. “We received incredible support," he said. "It’s a great community event that we’d like to continue.”

Limits of a temporary license

However, Town Counsel Michael Cunnningham explained that the maximum number of individual events that any organization can hold per calendar year is 30 with a one-day license. “I’ll look into it and provide further legal analysis, because I don’t want Arlington Brewing Co. to be prevented from getting licenses to events later in the year.” 

Guernsey said he’d love for ABC to be able to apply for a permanent license at some point in the future, but real estate is a challenge in Arlington. “I’d like to find an ideal [permanent] place for us. It’d be helpful if there were better regulations in town for obtaining a farmer’s pouring permit, instead of a regular beer and wine license.”

See the state requirements for such a license >> 

Board feedback

Board Vice Chair John Hurd said, “I’m happy to support this, and we’ve put the warning out about the 30-day limit.” 

Board member Steve DeCourcey also expressed concern about the number of events requested. “An individual can have no more than 30 days for a license, and this request is for 13 events, leaving only 17 days left. If we include the summer program at the Arlington Reservoir and the [late-autumn] holiday season, it gets us up to the upper limit. I don’t want [the owners of] Arlington Brewing Co. to be limited in their flexibility.”

ABC has also requested a liquor license for the Arlington Reservoir concert series every Friday evening between June 30 and Aug. 18, as well as for two different Town Day events on Sept. 21. 

Watch ACMi video of Jan. 22, 2024, meeting:


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This news summary by YourArlingon freelancer Susan Gilbert was published Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2024.