Dawn Redwood in 2016 / Galina Bird photo

Arlington officials aim to return the town's street-tree canopy back to 1980 levels. That's an increase of 2,000 such trees above its 2018 inventory.

A 20-year timeline set to reach this goal calls for the town tree division to plant a net gain of 100 new street trees annually.

How is the division doing? In 2022, it planted 373 trees and removed 240, for a net gain of 133 new trees, a Dec. 1 town news release says. Since 2019, the town has a net gain of 590 new public trees planted toward the goal of 2,000.

“The tree division continues to work hard to replenish the town’s tree canopy in alignment with the town’s tree-management plan,” said Michael Rademacher, director of public works, said in the release. “In addition to drought, the increase in tree removal in 2022 was due to a microburst in August in the Mystic Lake area. About a dozen trees were lost at Mount Pleasant Cemetery.” 

Information about the tree division and to request a street tree in front of your home, visit arlingtonma.gov/trees

 Waterfall chart, ArlingtonOther tree-planting activities  

In addition to the commitments made in the tree pan, recent capital projects -- such as renovations at Arlington Reservoir, Wellington Park, Hurd Field and other locations – added 159 tree plantings.

“Trees are such an important consideration in planning recreational spaces in town,” said Joseph Connelly, town recreation director, in the release. “We are pleased to report we were able to add trees to all of our capital projects and especially happy to report 100 new trees at Arlington Reservoir.” 

As for the Arlington High School Building project, 42 new trees were planted earlier this spring as part of the Phase 1 of the project. They were carefully planted among existing mature shade trees along Mass. Ave. More tree plantings at the site are planned in future phases. 

Members of Arlington’s Tree Division planting a tree in East Arlington, fall 2022.Members of the tree division plant a tree in East Arlington, fall 2022. / Town photo

60 trees on private property

Through the Arlington’s Tree Committee Community Tree Canopy program another 60 trees were planted on private property in 2022.

“The Arlington Tree Committee continues to engage with residents of Arlington in tree preservation, tree planting and tree care," said Eliza Burden, Tree Committee cochair, in the release.

She said the Community Canopy program last spring resulted in more than 60 new trees planted on private property in town. The Adopt a Tree program matched residents with street trees so that they could help provide critical water during the hot, dry summer.

She commend the tree division for “ a fabulous job planting trees in areas of town where urban heat islands are most pronounced and where tree equity is a concern. And we thank residents for being good stewards of public trees. We all must work together to maintain a healthy tree canopy." 

Information about Arlington’s Tree Committee and its community Canopy and Adopt a Tree program, visit www.arlingtontrees.org 

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This news announcement was published Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2022, based on information provided by the town website.