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Zero Waste Arlington has announced the launch of its website -- Bookmark it.

“The website will provide an effective tool for educating residents and inspiring them to take action,” remarked Priya Sankalia, cochair of Zero Waste Arlington, in a town news release Aug. 23. “We go beyond recycling containers, paper and packaging and promote practices such as refusing, reducing, reusing and rotting (composting). These additional habits lead to less waste, particularly single-use plastic waste.”

Works with DPW

As an education-focused committee, Zero Waste Arlington works with the Department of Public Works to effect change and support waste reduction in the Arlington community.

Zero Waste Arlington initiated the ban on the sale and distribution of bottled water that will begin November, pending approval from the Massachusetts attorney general’s office. Additional initiatives include "Arlington on Tap," which seeks to develop and promote a network of public water filling stations in Arlington, and "No Plastic, Please," a partnership with restaurants that reduces customer accumulation of wasteful single-use items while saving restaurants money.

“Zero Waste Arlington is an essential partner to the Town of Arlington,” commented Charlotte Milan, town recycling coordinator, in the release. “Their expertise and mission align with the town’s goals to reduce municipal waste, create educational campaigns and work with state leaders to make impactful changes.”

Zero Waste is a lifestyle change that minimizes the human burden on our planet. Whereas recycling primarily focuses on post-consumption behavior, Zero Waste is about conscious pre-consumption choices. While it is a personal and household choice that one might associate with recycling, Zero Waste behavior demands a much more comprehensive outlook.  

The Zero Waste Arlington committee is composed of volunteer members appointed by the town moderator, one town employee designated by the town manager and a number of community volunteers who work on various initiatives. Formerly known as the Arlington Recycling Committee, the group changed its name in 2019 to better align with their mission.

For more information and ways to get involved, stop by the Zero Waste Arlington booth at Town Day, on Sept. 17, or visit

May 28, 2019: New name, mission: Zero Waste Arlington


This news announcement based on information from Joan Roman of the Town of Arlington was published Tuesday, Aug 23, 2022.