Part 2 of the Reservoir renovation project is underway.

The Arlington Park & Recreation Commission has announce that the project will be broken up into multiple steps, and one if the bathhouse renovation.

That is taking place before the 2021 beach season, and the contract has been awarded and work is set to begin immediately.

During this phase, a portion of the beach will be closed off, but access to the beach will be available for residents.

Step two of the project is exoected to take place during the beach season and will include work on the perimeter path and bank stabilization.

Step three of the project is to take place after the beach season and will include the parking lot/boat ramp, beach area upgrades, playground renovation, and picnic pavilion.

The project completion date is estimated to be May of 2022.

Steps two and three of the project are out to bid, with offers due March 10.

Updates on the project will be available at

This news announcement was published Tuesday, March 2, 2021.