Arlington Community Electricity (ACE) – formerly known as Arlington Community Choice Aggregation (ArlingtonCCA) - is a town-sponsored program that leverages the town’s bulk buying power to competitively procure electricity for Arlington residents and businesses.

The program has been active since 2017, and the new name forms part of a fresh campaign designed to better inform the community about their electricity options and how participating in the program can help combat climate change.

Arlington Community Electricity (ACE) options

‘I’m proud of the town’s accomplishments in providing these renewable energy options,” Town Manager Adam Chapdelaine said in a Sept. 21 news release. “I’m especially excited about the rebranding of the program. Calling the program Arlington Community Electricity better describes the program, and we hope, convinces more residents and businesses to opt up and choose more renewable energy.” 

Seeking 1,000 to opt up

More than 14,000 households and 1,000 businesses participate in the ACE program. Most customers are enrolled in the standard product, Local Green, which has 11 percent more renewable energy than required by state law. The ACE program also offers three other electricity options, as shown above. This includes the ability to opt up to either 50-percent or 100-percent extra, renewable electricity, called Local Greener and Local Greenest. 

“Choosing our Local Greener or Local Greenest electricity supplies is a powerful way to support the growth of renewable energy in New England,” said Energy Manager Ken Pruitt. “Today, we have over 700 residents and businesses that have chosen to opt up, and we have set a goal to reach 1,000 by the end of 2020.”

It takes five minutes to enroll in Local Greener or Local Greenest on the program website: There you can also learn more about where the program gets its renewable-energy, pricing and contract details. Customers can change between the four levels of the program at any time without penalty. 

Customers who have opted out of the program may also opt back into the program anytime without penalty. If you are existing customer and satisfied with your level of participation, no action is required from you, but we ask you to bookmark the new website,, and be familiar with the new name, Arlington Community Electricity (ACE).

About ACE

In 2016, Arlington Town Meeting authorized the creation of a community choice aggregation program in Arlington, and the town then selected consultant Good Energy L.P. to assist with all aspects of program implementation. 

The town developed a draft aggregation plan and solicited public comment. As required by law, the plan was reviewed with the state Department of Energy Resources. The Department of Public Utilities approved the plan in April 2017. At the outset, the program was known as Arlington Community Choice Aggregation (Arlington CCA).

The town conducted a competitive bid for electricity supply and secured its first supply contract starting in August 2017. The contract was with electricity supplier Dynegy for a 28-month, fixed-price contract. Arlington conducted another competitive bid to secure a successor contract, which began in December 2019 and lasts for 30 months through the meter read in November 2022, with Direct Energy as the supplier.

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This news announcement was published Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2020.