Arlington’s HeatSmart program held its final open house, from 10 to noon, Saturday, Nov. 16, at 85 Paul Revere Road.

HeatSmart team

See how this two-family home got off oil with a newly installed ground-source heat-pump (geothermal) and solar hot-water system.

Residents spoke with the owner, installers and volunteers to learn how you too can save on your utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Ground-source heat pumps, otherwise known as geothermal, is the most efficient heating system available, a Nov. 10 news release says. It uses the constant temperature of the earth to heat your home in the winter and cool it in the summer, and boasts an efficiency that is four to five times more than natural gas or electric resistance heating.


Solar hot water uses the free energy of the sun to provide 80 percent of your annual hot-water needs. It takes up less space on the roof then solar electric systems and has a much smaller out-of-pocket cost.

Time to sign a contract

Customers who’ve already signed up to schedule a site visit, either at an event or on the website,, are still eligible to receive vendor quotes and to sign contracts. The deadline to sign a contract is Jan. 31, 2020, so now’s the time to act.

Unfortunately, the program can no longer accept new sign-ups for HeatSmart discounted quotes; the deadline was Oct. 31. However, everyone is welcome to attend Saturday’s open house to learn about clean heating and cooling options and talk to our expert installers to get a regular quote.

Arlington’s HeatSmart program, which began in March, has had nearly 700 sign-ups and almost 160 signed contracts so far, and the team is optimistic they’ll get more signed contracts during these last few weeks.

What is HeatSmart?

HeatSmart is a partnership between the state Department of Energy Resources and the state Clean Energy Center (MassCEC), which funds this program. Details about the program are at

This community-based program uses group purchasing to help drive down the cost for installing clean heating and cooling technology. Vetted installers provide quality equipment and installation and, along with local volunteers, help customers understand these new technologies.

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