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The following is based on selected Arlington Police Department logs from Jan. 16 through 22. No arrests were reported.

Excerpts from the APD log:

Tuesday, Jan. 16

8:42 a.m. – Accident without Injury. A Boston resident told officers on the scene that he had barely missed striking a pedestrian at Park Avenue and Paul Revere Road when his Honda lost traction on wet, icy pavement as he tried to brake. The driver, 26, stated he was able to maneuver the out-of-control car away from the pedestrian and knock over a wooden crosswalk sign instead. No one was hurt.

9:32 a.m. – Recovered Stolen Motor Vehicle. A Fairmont Street resident called police to report a gray Infiniti parked illegally there for more than a week. A police check on the vehicle uncovered that it had been stolen from Medford earlier this month. A tow truck came to retrieve it.

1:22 p.m. – Attempt to Commit a Crime. A man, 45, and a woman, 33, with no known addresses, were detained at the CVS store in the 800 block of Mass. Ave. on suspicion of intent to shoplift. According to the report, the store manager told the police that he knows the two by name and that they have been coming into the store on a regular basis without buying anything. The manager told police that the store was not seeking action against the two but just bringing the matter to police attention. Officers have taken steps to connect the pair with APD's homeless outreach program.

Wednesday, Jan. 17

1:15 p.m. – Larceny, Check Forgery. A Princeton Street resident came to the APD lobby to report that a check he had mailed in a Lake Street mailbox had been stolen and that the payee's name and the dollar amount had been changed. APD spokesman Capt. Richard Flynn commented that this is significant in that the recent spate of “check washings” has mostly concerned the mailboxes in front of the main post office on Court Street. If other blue boxes around town are active targets, he said, residents using those boxes should be all the more vigilant. Information about check washing and how to avoid being victimized was recently given in another Police Blotter column.

 Friday, Jan. 19

8:56 a.m. – Identity Theft. A Rawson Road resident contacted police to report having gotten a telephone call from a man claiming to be from a “doctor's office” who demanded personal information, including her Social Security and Medicare numbers. Although she withheld that data, she admitted to having provided him with the last four digits of her Social Security ID. To be safe, she told police, she intended to cancel her credit cards.

5:03 p.m. – Crash with Injury. A Toyota sedan struck a moped entering the CVS parking lot in East Arlington, injuring the moped rider, a 24-year-old Arlington male. The Toyota driver, a 61-year-old Arlington resident, claimed to police that he “didn't see” the moped as he crossed the bike lane while making his left turn off Mass. Ave. Following the sudden impact, however, the moped rider “rolled onto the [car's] hood,” where his presence must have been impossible to miss. The young man declined medical help and proceeded on his way. The Toyota driver, whose car was undamaged, garnered a citation for failure to yield.

Saturday, Jan 20

11:40 p.m. – Neighbor Problem. A Teresa Circle resident contacted police claiming that she was suffering harassment by a male neighbor. She was unable to provide an ID for her nemesis but stated that he owns a black pickup truck and had recently given her the middle finger. She also said that someone had thrown an object at her front door and that someone else, possibly the truck owner, had appeared to be trying to film her and her children. When asked whether she might have done anything to aggravate a neighbor, she gave an unqualified no. Police do not have enough information yet, Flynn said, to proceed with the matter or to implement harassment mediation; rather, it remains for the woman to positively identify her alleged adversary and for police to hear his side of the story.

4:17 p.m. – Customer Problem. A manager at the Starbucks in Arlington Center called police for help in dealing with a customer who he said keeps coming back to the store despite a verbal no-trespass order because of his loud and rude behavior. Police officers arrived and spoke to the customer, who said, “I just want to order” -- and soon burst into profanity directed at them. After getting the man's name and address, officers directed the manager to mail him a written no-trespass order. Flynn explained that once the man has received a ban in writing, he can be arrested and locked up if he returns to the store.

Sunday, Jan 21

Police received three reports this date from residents whose cars had been struck and damaged by vehicles that immediately fled the scene:

1:16 a.m. A Marathon Street woman heard a loud crash outside her house and emerged to find her car with major damage to the left front bumper; the offending vehicle had vanished.

10:22 a.m. A Damon Court resident returned home to find that her 2018 Honda Pilot had sustained damage to the passenger mirror and door. She said that she had video footage that might identify the perpetrator and intended to provide it to police.

4:54 p.m. A Woburn woman was driving her Tesla on Mill Street and was about to turn right onto Summer Street when another Tesla made a sudden left turn from Summer onto Mill and clipped her left front bumper. Police are looking for video footage that might have been taken in the area.

When asked, Flynn had no theory as to why three hit-and-runs would cluster like this on a single Sunday. “Things happen,” he said.

Monday, Jan 22

2:03 p.m. Stolen Vehicle/Unauthorized Use. A Lowell Street man told police that his 2017 Toyota Corolla had been borrowed but not returned by someone he had met on a dating app who was visiting at his house. At the end of the visit, the date asked to borrow the man's car to quickly visit a nearby friend; the host agreed and handed over the keys. When the guest didn't return by the promised time, the car owner reached him by phone, only to hear that the borrower was now in Boston visiting his sister. When the whole night went by and no vehicle reappeared, the owner notified police, who have opened an investigation. Flynn noted that an unauthorized driver may be subject to criminal charges.

3:59 p.m. Injury on Town Property. Police received a call that a man had fallen while walking by himself on the bike path near Mill Street. Officers arrived to find the man unconscious and apparently not breathing. An ambulance came, and EMS personnel attended to the man, whom the officers recognized as a 34-year-old Arlington resident whom they had encountered before and who has a known medical condition that could have precipitated a fall. The man was taken to a local hospital; the report did not give his current condition.

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This column by YourArlington volunteer writer Chris Wilbur was published Thursday, Jan. 25, 2024, based on information from Arlington Police Department daily logs, explanations from APD spokesman Capt. Richard Flynn and YourArlington's files.