Emma Romeu"This book of poetry is about Cuba, love, exile and my passion for the nature of my country."

So writes Arlington resident Emma Romeu about Renovation of the Moon, published this year by Protean Press, a Spanish/English work.

She has just returned from Spain, where she presented it in the"Casa de Colon" in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands).

She said of her new work: "I needed to express myself in a new way. Poetry helped me to say what I was trying to say in prose during some difficult months of my life, and I couldn't."

The book has the same number of poems as Romeu's age, 58.

Apart from poetry, she is an environmental Journalist. She has taught since she came to the United States a decade ago. At Berklee Colege of Music since 2009, she teaches "Biodiversity and the Sounds of the Nature" and Spanish.

Here is more information about the book and where to get it:

(POETRY) Dual Language Spanish/English
Emma Romeu travels from Cuba to the distant star Tau Ceti in her new book of poems.

The 58 poems in this newly published collection are grouped into three sections, reflecting Romeu's feelings about love; her original country, Cuba; and nature. The volume also contains English translations of each poem by Michael L, Glenn, on facing pages. Taken as a whole, the poems of "Renovation of the Moon" offer reflective, incisive feelings about the contemporary world by an accomplished writer from Cuba who has also lived in both Mexico and the United States.

Romeu has published with editorial houses in Spain, Mexico and the United States, such as Alfaguara, Ediciones SM, and Lectorum Publications.

How to buy the book

Paperback: www.harvard.com/book/renovation_of_the_moon/
E-book: www.protobookstore.com

As a journalist, she has published articles in newspapers and such magazines as National Geographic, Integral, Etnoecologica, El Nacional and Biodiversitas.


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This story was published Thursday, Aug. 22, 2013, and updated Aug. 31.