Farm 2 Families

UPDATED Dec. 15: "Farm 2 Families Giving Gallop and Gathering" is an annual grassroots holiday charity event. This season, the event is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 16, starting at Robbins Farm Park, 61 Eastern Ave., Arlington. At 11 a.m., runners of all abilities are invited to begin to run the 8-mile course to Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).

This charity, founded by Ingrid Hersh Abrahamsen and Matt Birmingham, raises money to support the MGH pediatric oncology fund. In an email to YourArlington from Abrahamsen, the cofounder wrote that Farm 2 Families has spent the year collecting donations through "awareness," using social media, flier distribution and sharing via family and friends. 

"We specifically run to MGH as an ode to all that we've done and to best make an impact for [those for whom] we are raising money," Abrahamsen wrote. farm 2 families run 22Runners at the first annual Farm 2 Families charity run, 2022. / Photo courtesy: Ingrid Hersh Abrahamsen

Those interested in participating in the run must register in advance, and are asked to bring any gift card with a minimum of $25; the website states that donation of multiple gift cards is encouraged. The gift cards are to be handed out to runners as they make their way through the course, in celebration of the season for giving, according to Abrahamsen. 

According to Abrahamsen, $8,900 was raised for MGH last year -- and the event organizers are looking to double that amount this year. 

A total of $1,000 in gift cards were purchased by last year's runners. Also, Abrahamsen wrote that this year's event has raised $7,000. 

Along the route, the group plans to stop at local breweries to break up the run as well as promote participant socilization. 

Those interested can learn more about and connect with organization on its Instagram and Facebook pages.



July 20, 2023: Harvard Alumni Jazz Band played at Robbins Farm Park in July 

This news announcement was published Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2023. Assistant to the editor, Brynn O'Connor, prepared the copy. It was updated Dec. 15, for minor editing.